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Week of Sept. 19 – Sept. 26, 2016

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Pisces: (Feb. 19-Mar.20):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Pisces, Venus in Libra sextiles Mars in Sagittarius and opens the door for romantic experiences, new ones. Before your ruling planet Neptune was discovered Jupiter was your ruling planet.  Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius but all Sun signs remember their old rulers.  Mars in Sagittarius gets your enthusiasm and ambitions ignited while Venus in Libra in your 6th house favors you to work hard and work effectively.  There are numerous opportunities for job and career advancement.  You are favored to be singled out and well liked on the job too.

The planet Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and the ruler of the wife and marriage in a masculine or male natal birth chart .   Mars in Sagittarius is well placed in this fire sign since Mars is a Fire element planet, and seeks new experiences now.  Mars is the natural ruler of the husband, boyfriend or male counterpart in a feminine or female natal birth chart .

Helio Mercury enters Taurus a sign of economic news or financial announcements.  This affects and influences world events.

The planet of communications Mercury will trine Pluto RX twice this week.  Mercury has been retrograde in Virgo your relationship and marriage zone.  Pluto is retrograde in your solar sector of hopes, fears, high expectations and helpful people.  You can easily blend and take advantage of unexpected or surprise events.  People come in and out of your life and everyone wants to help you or choses you.  You are competitive and you can win this week.  Once when Mercury RX in Virgo is retrograde and then again when it resumes direct motion.  It’s R & D time, that is retrograde and direct time or Research and Development.  An astrological effect, I will term as the R&D Effect. The R&D Effect occurs when a retrograde planet is retrograde and aspects a larger moving or slower moving planet with its retrograde and then it’s direct movement.  R & D normally means Research and Development, and that applies to this aspect The R & D Aspect. Retrograde and Direct time or Research and Development.  Spiritually, it’s those fast moving times you see both sides of a situation or you change positions or opinions in quick succession or very quickly with new information.   Maybe something nice happens and you realize it’s even better than originally thought.  Maybe you act on information you get and seize an opportunity.

Mercury RX retrograde in Virgo means we are fixing things, organizing and fixing ourselves even and as Mercury trines Pluto the ruler of transformation, big money and determination, not only do we like the results, things only get better after the next and immediate trine to Pluto, that Mercury makes when he resumes direct motion.  Expect a call back from someone you met previously.

Naturally Pluto RX retrograde in Capricorn is bringing up something from the past.  Pluto rules obstacles and requires great strength and determination while in Capricorn from the structures that are in place in our lives.  It’s very personal.  Pluto rules elimination also and bulldozing through.  What do you have to eliminate in your life.  Mercury is here to help you fix things for sure! It’s R & D time.  Research it and go for it.

On Sept.21st and 22nd depending on your time zone the planet of communications Mercury resumes Direct motion in the mutable sign of Virgo at 14° (where it last transited on August 10th) your relationship, partnership and marriage sector.  You get a much better perspective about others and your current relationship and potential relationships.

You’ll want to check your natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 8° -9°.  Things get back to normal, and for the 3rd time Mercury passes through 14°-29° degrees Virgo so you may have something to re-do or do over before  Mercury changes signs on October 7th.   They say the 3rd times a charm, we’ll see.  

The Sun waits for the planet of communications Mercury to go direct, before entering the sign of Libra your solar sector of joint finances, intimacy and overcoming challenges.  The scales are balanced with equal time night and day.  It’s the fall Equinox, and our days will become short and the night longer.  We are officially in the last quarter of the year 2016.  How far have you gotten with all your 2016 goals, and resolutions?  The Sun in Libra solarizes relationships and your ability to have more give and take or balance in your relationships.  Still it is the 8th house and something has to be purged, an ultimatum made and a decision made.  Don’t mix love and money.

As the ruler of the sign of Libra Venus enters Scorpio a water sign and things can get intense, possessive, jealousy can be an issue and you should keep it light, because no one likes to talk about deep stuff now.  Just allow yourself to get into a feeling and take the path of least resistance.  Pushing anyone to commit or reveal their feelings will surely backfire.  Just go with the flow, is that so hard? Like you all water signs don’t really like to communicate or talk about their feelings.  So while you are moving ahead quietly and deliberately you might not want to share your plan or the outcome.  But you are headed in a new direction.

As the Sun in Libra conjoins Jupiter  in Libra at 3° it’s time for relationships and to find more balance in your life.  This favors your financially.  So put forth some effort.  Love is favored and if you have to let go or a past relationship habit do it.

The week ends with the might planet Pluto resuming direct motion in Capricorn at 14°55’ in your solar sector of helpful people, mentors, friends, hopes and dreams.  Pisces is just too determined to care about friends.  In fact, you can take a very tough stance towards friends and friendship now.   Pluto rules challenges that strengthen us. It’s time to move forward, reflect in mistakes made, correct those mistakes and keep things light.  This week your ambitious side is favored.


Sept.19   Venus in Libra sextile Mars  in Sagittarius
Sept.20   Mercury RX in Virgo trine Pluto RX in Capricorn at 14°
Sept.21   Helio Mercury enters Taurus
Sept.21   Mercury Direct in Virgo 14° (August 10th) PDT
Sept.22   Mercury Direct in Virgo 14° (August 10th) EDT
Sept.22   Fall Equinox
Sept.22   Sun enters Libra
Sept.23   Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto RX in Capricorn at 14°
Sept.23   Venus enters Scorpio
Sept.26   Sun in Libra conjunct Jupiter  in Libra at 3°
Sept.26   Pluto Direct in Capricorn at 14°55’

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