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January 2015  

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Capricorn: Dec. 22-Jan. 21):
 Happy New Year! Every year begins and ends with the Sun in Capricorn. We begin each the year with solid worldly hopes and dreams. Capricorn is all about moving forward with fresh ideas and excitement as the New Year gets underway.

As the Moon is becoming fuller in the sign of Gemini your solar sector of health, wellbeing, diet, pets work service to others maintenance it could be a time of repairs, and work with lots of nervous activity.  the Sun in Capricorn your sun sign squares Uranus in Aries 12°, which it does two times per year and the Sun in Capricorn conjoins Pluto in Capricorn 13°, which it does only once a year.  The planet of love, money wealth, and beauty Venus enters the friendly but detached sign of Aquarius your solar sector of money, wealth and self-esteem, you could be working hard to put your ideas into action, money making action that is.  Information is leaking out slowly but surely, there is gossip and things could get intense. 

The year starts out with the malefic planet Mars in the visionary air sign of brotherly love or not, in the air sign Aquarius your solar sector of rising costs and money.  It’s an intense time of hard work.

Mercury the planet of communications, short trips and thinking enters Aquarius your solar sector of money, belongings, personal assets and self-esteem, just before the Full Moon in Cancer 14°31’ in your solar sector of other people, relationships, marriage and open competition.  It’s called  a Minor Lunar Standstill as it aspects the Lunar Nodes.  We might not feel the effects of the Full Moon until after the Full Moon or they could carry over right though the next Uranus-Pluto square in March.  It’s during this time that we become more aware of our collective actions.  Maybe you won’t go to the protest downtown or may everyone will show up in record numbers. This Full Moon highlights, friendships, relationships, your competitive drive and should inspire you to drive yourself harder to achieve.

Every Full Moon is a culmination of activities, a stirring of emotions and brings out the best of worst in you and your situation.   You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°31’  to see how the Full Moon affect you and your circumstances. Cancer is in line to change their lives.  Whatever or whoever it is that you don’t like or are growing weary of, you’ll transform or purge from your life.

The planet Uranus having just resumes direct motion before Christmas is now heading towards the Lunar Nodes. As the planet Uranus ruler of your solar 2nd house of money and personal belongings resumes direct motion along with the Lunar South Node a family matter, property matter or matter from the past is about to get resolved.  The Lunar Nodes indicate a change in direction, what was important, can predict those fated events like death, when a karmic cycle is ending or abruptly finished.  The Lunar Nodes always signify changes coming into or leaving our lives.  Through January 19th Uranus is clearly active.  The sudden, the unexpected, the abrupt and the out of the ordinary weird, strange or bizarre are in play.  Property matters, emotional attachments, family matters and new beginnings suggest Capricorn let go of what’s not working from the past. 

Mars a fire element planet enters Pisces a water sign your solar sector of thinking, comings and goings, vehicles, communications, and genius.  The planet Mars is considered a malefic planet in Astrology. Fire and water make steam, which can power things when it’s working well and put the fire completely out when it’s not working well.  If we look back over time locomotives were once powered by steam.  Mars in Pisces can lead to over indulgence, lax attitudes with employment or money and can lead to misfortune happenings. It’s good for those working near the ocean or by water.  Or dangerous for those working with liquids, with chemicals, and can lead to accidents with poisons, drugs and drowning.  In love, Mars here is disappointing in general. Capricorn shouldn’t jump t conclusions quickly or talk before they really know what’s going on.

Mars in Pisces conjoins Neptune in Pisces 6° you could be privy to some news or gossip but wait let matters unfold. 

As the Sun enters Aquarius it not only lights up this area of your life it empowers it. The Sun shines on your solar 2nd house of money, possessions, belongings and self-esteem.  This is a boon to finances.

The New Moon at  0°09 Aquarius starts a new cycle of experiences with finances and money. 

The planet of communications Mercury RX goes retrograde on Jan.21, in Aquarius at 17° until Feb. 11th at 1°Aquarius. Mercury retrograde is a time when we are without the benefit of our good thinking processes and logic.  We forget things, lose things and change course a few times. It’s time to revisit some financial decisions you made over the past month to see if they were good decisions or not.  This month Capricorn starts out the year thinking about how they are going to earn more and ends the month earning more.

January 2015
Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2015

Jan.01      Happy New Year 2015
Jan.01      Mars in Aquarius opposite Jupiter RX in Leo 21°
Jan.03      Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries 12°
Jan.03      Venus enters Aquarius
Jan.03      Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 13°
Jan.04      Venus in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
Jan.04      Sun in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces
Jan.04      Mercury enters Aquarius
Jan.04      The Full Moon in Cancer 14°31’ Minor Lunar Standstill
Jan.05      Mercury in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
Jan.11      Sun in Capricorn inconjunct Jupiter RX in Leo 20°
Jan.12      Mars enters Pisces
Jan.13      Venus in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries 12°
Jan.14      Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries 12°
Jan.14      Mars in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius 2°
Jan.19      Martin Luther King’s Birthday
Jan.19      Venus in Aquarius opposite Jupiter RX in Leo 19°
Jan.19      Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces 6°
Jan.20      Sun enters Aquarius
Jan.20      The New Moon in Aquarius 0°09’
Jan.21      Mercury RX in Aquarius 17° until Feb. 11th at 1°Aquarius
Jan.22      Sun in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius 3°
Jan.27      Mercury RX in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries 13°
Jan.30      Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius 3°
Jan.30      Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto 14°
Jan.30      Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury RX in Aquarius
Jan.31      Mars in Pisces conjunct Chiron in Pisces

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