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Monthly Horoscope For Gemini (or Gemini Rising)
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 by Terry Nazon

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March 2017

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Gemini: (May 21-Jun. 22):
 As your free monthly astrology horoscope begins Gemini, the Pisces Sun is high in your chart making it hard for people to approach you or confront you, and 2nd Qtr. Moon in Gemini 15°your Sun sign, makes for many changes, hectic moments and requires you to be adaptable, forgiving and open to your plans changing.  Remember to read for your rising sign as well. If you don’t know your rising sign or ascendant you can get your free natal birth chart and as long as you know your time of birth, you’ll know your rising sign and ascendant.  Two words that mean the same thing.  Just like Sun sign, zodiac sign, star sign, or horoscope sign all mean the same thing.

Each rising sign because of its position in the zodiac wheel has in it intrinsic value and detriments. Some good point, lucky points and unlucky points.  An easy way, but not a precise way, to determine a rising sign or the Ascendant, is to begin at the time of Sunrise. let's say 6:00 AM but, given daylight savings considerations it could be 7:00 AM or 7:30 AM, depending on where you were born. You can consult any newspaper or online news to find out what time the Sun rises in your area or your area of birth, it’s all recorded.  The Sun rises each day in the prevailing constellation where the Sun is transiting. If the Sun is in Scorpio, the Sun rises in Scorpio, at 6:00 AM or 7:30 AM depending on daylight savings time or your location, the 1st sign rising for the day will be whatever the Sun sign of the month is and changes every 2 hours.   Let's say you were born at noon, and the Sun is in Scorpio you count counterclockwise through the signs of the zodiac. Scorpio, Libra at 8:00 AM, Virgo 10:00 AM and Leo at 12:00 PM. Your rising sign would be approximately Leo.  If you really need to know your rising sign and family members don’t recall it, you can always get a copy of your birth certificate, by contacting your states archive records. Since 1932 the law required that birth times be recorded.

As the planet of action Mars in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius 26°, things get very productive and Mars’s uncontrollable energy is easily directed towards your goals.  You get to feel like you are accomplishing something, that people are finally working with you and not against you.  Since Saturn is in your relationship and partnership zone, those closest do have your best interests at heart, for the moment.

As the asteroid Vesta goes Direct in the sign of Cancer your self-esteem zone and wealth zone, while Venus RX in Aries at 13° is retrograde until Apr. 15th in your friendship zone, your networking zone, old friends zone and past loves zone.  When she resumes direct motion in Pisces at 26°, you’ll have a different way of seeing people, you could be more forgiving or introspective or compassionate towards romantic partners and friends.   Vesta represents the woman in a man's chart (or the masculine counterpart in a relationship) desires or what he (or she) is looking for while Venus represents the wife he (or the masculine counterpart in a relationship) ultimately marries.  Vesta in Cancer is more emotional, caring, motherly and nurturing while Venus RX in Aries is more aggressive, demanding, financially motivated and bossy.  Certainly, you want people around you who boost your self-esteem and comfort you, or who want to cozy up on the sofa and eat ice cream with you.

As the planet of communications and self-expression and your ruling planet, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 18°, you can say one thing and believe another.  You can put together deals and no one really knows what’s going on.  You can feel like you are on top of the world and in control. Communications, agreements and ideas are the birth place to getting things done.  So that as the Sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 18°, you can see tangible results.

As the planet Mars enters Taurus, your 12th house the emphasis is on money, debts, secrets, and all your dirty laundry, which is right in line with Venus RX in Aries in your 11th house of surprises and sudden reversals.  This would be the time to lay low, and work quietly behind the scenes.  Since the planet Venus rules the sign of Taurus but is retrograde in the 12th house position behind Mars  in Taurus, it can represent a strong desire for money stemming from a feeling of hardship, neediness, or suffering.   Mars in Taurus is practical, slow moving and doesn’t like to be chased or pushed.  Since Mars is the co-ruler of the sign of Scorpio, Mars is considered in its detriment in Taurus.  Great patience, determination, and perseverance is necessary in March.  In the horoscope zone of self-undoing sometimes people are bent on self-sabotage due to some subconscious guilt.  

You can definitely wonder what the facts really are, as the planet of communications,  Mercury in Pisces squares truth seeking Saturn in Sagittarius at 27°.  It’s the three D’s, deny, deflect, divide.  So, you may need to remember what you said and to whom.  You can also get a lot of criticism which can be a little depressing.

On Mar. 12th, the Full Moon in Virgo at 22°18’ in your 4thhouse of beginning, endings, can deal with household or family members, a death you hear about, your diet, pets and even cleanliness.  It’s a culmination of experiences since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  You may want to change your image clothing or how you look to others.  It’s also a letting go process.  You may deal with a property matter and your own ability to handle crisis on your own.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 21°-23°.  The Full Moon in Virgo, can be picky, critical, hardworking and yet, prone for conflicts.  The Full Moon in Virgo tries to fix things or procrastinates until something is beyond repair.  It’s time to be honest about your diet, health and even your daily routine.  What’s working and what not working.

Things can get louder you might even notice yourself talking faster, taking more chances, it getting windier and hotter as the  planet Mercury enters Aries your 11th house and friends, and invitations can come to you.  It’s a sudden change of pace and exchange of ideas and even affects your love life and your children’s lives and spouses if they’re old enough to be married.

While the Sun in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 27°, the ability by those in authority positions to skirt the issues or get caught playing one side against another will be evident.  Or we’ll see more of the three D’s, deny, deflect, and divide.  This aspect suggests be careful what you wish for once you get it you might not be happy with it.  From your perspective, you feel criticized.  People demand things of you that may or may not be fair.  You are under the glaring spotlight no matter who you are.  You have to be very careful what you do now since the planet Neptune is high in your chart teasing you, and tempting you to abuse power.  He’s not going anywhere any time soon, so behave.

It’s fast and furious, sexy and quick when Mercury in Aries conjoins Venus RX in Aries at 8°, and a past love or friend from way back in the past could resurface.  You could receive a message from someone or an invitation.  Romantic encounters have little to do with love and commitment and more to do with passion or money, and sorting through the past.

As the Sun enters Aries it’s the Spring Equinox a turning point.  This is always like turning a corner.  For Gemini, it’s all about friends, socializing and getting out with groups of people, joining clubs and going to large events.

As the planet of communications and ideas Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn at 19°, Pluto represents blockages, imprisonments, where we have imprisoned ourselves and where we need lots of soul courage to overcome something.  Pluto is in Gemini’s 8th house of power, insecurities and overcoming challenges.  It’s darker side deals with death, imprisonment, what’s owed, betrayals and jealousy.  It’s hard to trust anyone.  Be careful what you say or who your trust.

As the planet of ideas, communications, short trips and self-expression Mercury in Aries opposes Jupiter RX in Libra at 19°, children’s issues come up if you have children, or you have romantic opportunity from the past, since Jupiter is retrograde in Libra ruler of relationships.  A friendship, could take a romantic turn.  Again, plans can change suddenly.  You need to boost your self-confidence yourself since no one else is doing that for you.

When Sun in Aries conjoins Venus RX in Aries at 5°, it’s time to look back at past relationships and see if your heart still flutters or not.  This month Gemini is definitely putting their ideas into motion.  You think of something then do it.  You need to get out of the office and socialize, party and be around friends like others need air.

As the planet Venus RX disappears from the evening skies for about 9-10 days and then re-appears as the Morning Star.  These 9 days are critical and definitely not a time to get married or start a new romantic relationship since it’s difficult to express loving feelings, and Venus RX retrograde is stuck on past relationships not new relationships.   It’s me, me, me, money, money, money time.  When Venus RX is retrograde there’s an imbalance in what is given and what you get back.  This makes you wonder, where did everyone go.  It’s a time to be a little more careful, with friends, and in large groups of people.

As the planet of communications, and expression Mercury in Aries conjoins Uranus in Aries at 23°, it’s volatile, a little loud, scary and things can change at a moment’s notice.   Conversations start up quick and you can figure out in 2 seconds if you have something in common with someone or not.  As things move very fast, it’s time to jump in, take a dive and be more extroverted.  Mercury rules, talk, ideas, short trips, and news.

The New Moon in Aries on Mar. 27th at 7°37’ in your 11th house of friends, group activities, business or corporate profits, surprises, and sudden changes, it suggests that Spring is in the air and maybe you too feel like getting more active.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 7°-8°.

As the planet of abundance, largesse, over the top-ness, and seeker of new experiences  Jupiter RX in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 19°, in the cardinal signs this mean a dire decision has to be made that is very important.  In Gemini’s fixed houses you are determined to get your way.  It might have to do with money, your children love or a scandal.  This aspect occurs again in August.  The expansive nature of Jupiter RX in Libra, could bring in numerous relationships since Jupiter is in your romance zone, but this zone is also about winning, losing, self-confidence and children;  while Pluto in Capricorn may block them from going too far.  Venus RX is retrograde in me first Aries and masculine Aries.  This can bring things to a head as Pluto has penchant for jealousy and ultimatums.  As the planet of journalism, communications, short trips, and expressions,  Mercury enters Taurus your 12th house of secrets, karma, money or hidden assets, self-undoing and completions.  You could feel like you need more comforting but you also have to be careful about being too stubborn.  Work quietly behind the scenes, and avoid the spotlight. Prepare for when the Sun enters Gemini.

By month’s end the asteroid Pallas enters Aries and you can remember facts and figures better than anyone.  Pallas Athene is a female asteroid, (meaning she could represent a female with the wisdom of Pallas Athene qualities in your life), she easily notices patterns in things.  Reconnect with helpful types, mentors, wealthy people, VIPs and friends.

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