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Weekly Scorpio Horoscope (or Scorpio Rising)
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by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, 2017 Updating

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Scorpio: (Oct. 23-Nov.23):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Scorpio, the Moon is a dark Moon in the mutable sign of Virgo so there can be a question about the future, a friendship, and how to capitalize on what you already have or have done. Virgo is the ruler over your work, staying organized, big changes in your routine, excessive worrying, your habits, routine, your job or lack of, your health, well-being, maintaining things in an orderly fashion, agriculture, pets and conflicts that result from making mountains out of molehills.  It’s typically time for the harvest and preparing for the winter or the Summer in the Southern hemisphere.  The sign of Virgo suggests that you feel worthy, and make yourself, your most important asset.  That means for certain things ruled by the sign of Virgo you too can be in the dark.  You can worry that large groups or organizations are or are not behind you 100%.

Still the planet Venus in Leo trines Uranus RX in Aries at 27° and friends are there for you. It’s lucky to connect with people from the past, as they might help you in some way.  For some sudden romantic connections through work or the other persons place of employment, and big changes.  Venus brings wealth, good fortune and happy relations before entering the sign of Virgo.  As the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty enters Virgo she connects with the Fixed Star Regulus bringer of greater wealth, and the star maker.  Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame.  In your romantic life, you start to feel you deserve better.  But there’s some Pickiness too. Scorpio methodically prepares for change.

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 27° 27’ which starts a new cycle of experiences and events in your solar area of friends, hopes, fears, sudden change, and just as sudden reconnections.  You’ll want to check your free natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 27°

As the Sun in Virgo which solarizes or empowers the sign of Virgo and the house associated with the sign of Virgo in your natal birth chart inconjuncts the planet Uranus RX in Aries at 27°, there can be separations that seem sudden in nature.  For Scorpio, this is a double dose of sudden surprises and changes. Which could bring controversy or conflicts.  Or you might have a crisis to deal with.

Communications, with others, driving around doing errands, business transactions, writing and filing paper work tend to go more smoothly when Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°, and it pays to make sure everyone understands what you want.  Agreements and the signing of documents could be in your future.    Anything to do with money, business, plans, your ambitions, and getting ahead through hard work and perseverance is highly favored.   Many of you have a move or residential change, property purchase or sale in your future.

There’s always a turning point during the Fall Equinox when the Sun enters Libra. The sign of Libra rules relationships, diplomacy, good manners, balance, legal matters and popularity.  Where will you feel this turning point and how?  It depends on your personal planets and your natal birth chart.  This is why you should read horoscopes for your Sun sign, Rising sign and Moon sign.  Each one brings a little more depth of understanding to your life and future.  As the Sun enter Libra stay focused and balanced because you are completing a cycle and preparing for a new solar cycle when the Sun enters Scorpio.

As the planet of action and the ruler of the man, boyfriend or husband in a feminine natal birth chart , Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune RX in Pisces at 12°.  It’s still about love, romance and falling in love.  But true to your Sun sign it’s also about feeling neglected and sometimes jealousy!

You could find yourself saying “Oh, is that what that means, or is that what you meant?”  As the planet of communication, ideas, plans and information Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 22°.  You could have high expectations about a transaction, sale or money coming to you.  Do the math, go over the math once again and make sure it’s right.  This sometimes-pessimistic aspect can be a downer for communications.  It can affect minor accidents, problems with pets at work, with co-workers and your health.  You might be waiting for a phone call or text that doesn’t come or isn’t what you were expecting when it finally does come.  There can be issues this week with documents.  Vigilantly, go over everything from about Wednesday onwards and check for errors.  The weather can take a turn for the worst, and you can experience delays in travel or driving.  The worst-case scenario is mean criticism could come your way or you could hand it out.  Watch your words.  Avoid gossip and try not to be mean to anyone.  This week you can feel anxious about the changes ahead and you can fear those changes too.  Stay balanced to make the most out of the week and avoid the pitfalls. 

Sept. 25     Mercury in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius at 22°
Sept. 27     2nd Qtr. Moon in Capricorn 6°11’
Sept. 27    
Mercury in Virgo opposite Chiron
Sept. 28    
Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus RX in Aries at 27°
Sept. 28    
Mercury in Virgo inconjunct Uranus RX in Aries at 27°
Sept. 28    
Pluto Direct in Capricorn at 16°
Sept. 29    
Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune RX in Pisces at 12°
Sept. 29    
Mercury enters Libra
Sept. 30     Yom Kippur
Oct. 01      
Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at 16°

Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved

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