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Money Scopes 2018


2018 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon 
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2018)

Money wealth and prosperity are on the mind of everyone.  In 2018 a major shift can be expected when the planet Uranus ruler of surprises, technology, sudden changes, high hopes and deep fears gives us a glimpse into what we can expect financially.  Uranus will enter the sign of Taurus in May 2018.  The sign of Taurus rules money wealth, the yield or return on investments, advantages, negotiable assets, your salary, income, the value of things, your livelihood, banks, bargains, your checking account currency, crypto currencies, payments, the money supply, ownership and sometimes over indulgence.  The planet Uranus can cause sudden swings, ups and downs, huge ups and huge downs, surprises, unique things, alternatives and a reliance of new technology. 

The planet Uranus will stay in the money’ d up sign of Taurus through November 6th when Uranus re-enters Aries until March 9th 2019 when finally, Uranus reenters Taurus for about 7 years indicating a prolonged period of time when finances are front and center and under the influence of technology driven electrifying Uranus. 

The planet Jupiter is also in a sign that rules money, Scorpio.  Ruled by Pluto the sign of Scorpio is more mysterious and this suggests that if you can untie a mystery and understand something intriguing you can begin to make money. In 2018 great and sudden fortunes will be made.  Will you make a great fortune?  For more details you can order my year Ahead Sun Sign Horoscope Guides on my web store www.terrynazon.com  

Aries : You’re on the forefront of being able to take full advantage of Uranus entrance into the sign of Taurus.  You can act fast and are ready and able to plunge into a new reality as it emerges.  In 2018 you benefit through the planetary changes and decide what’s most important to you.  The risk you face is resting on your gains and not working hard anymore. Life is easier in 2018 and you can gain easily and prosper. 

Taurus : You’re finally in a position to put debt behind you and move on.  That should lift a great weight off your shoulder as you finally get to experience a major planet in your Sun sign. Now it’s your turn to have Uranus turn you on the seeing your life a whole different way.  You’ll have dollar signs staring back at you. Your slow methodical way works miracles with your bank account.  Be carefully not to overspend or put yourself under the weight of excessive debt again though. 

Gemini : You gain through your ability to get others to work for you or to stream line your work and daily routine.  Organization is key to your financial success and critical to your professional and personal prosperity.  In 2018 get your finances organized and you can save more and possibly buy more real estate.  Don’t waste time on conflicts and arguments which could be costly to you.  Fame and name recognition bring wealth.

Cancer : You definitely can be one of the Sun signs who can experience a financial windfall or big win.  That doesn’t mean you stand outside with your hands cupped waiting for pennies from heaven!  Self-confidence, perseverance of a goal or idea you have brings good fortune.  Your popularity also is a source of great good fortune and wealth! 

Leo : Leo can save or spend in 2018 hopefully you’ll be saving more.  Opportunities present themselves for you to make a purchase that’s akin to a once in a life time opportunity and you’ll want to have the cash or savings on hand to take advantage of these unique opportunities when they appear.  Your life style can change for the better, your prestige can increase and you have an opportunity to be completely in charge of your life and finances in 2018.

Virgo : There’s nothing that can hold you back and your finances are equal to your ability to imagine or envision what you should have or want and then go for it.  Virgo is super fortunate in 2018 and luck is no stranger to you.  You need to have oodles of self-confidence to attain your dreams.  So, go ahead try new things, forge new trails and dream in gold or silver.

Libra : The Venus ruled Libra is familiar with the sign of Taurus because both of you are ruled by Taurus so you can definitely gain through others, acting as a beneficiary to someone’s will, through a mate or partner or by maneuvering yourself into a position of control over another’s money, bank account or portfolio.  Putting yourself in a position of trust is quite lucrative for Libra.

Scorpio : While you’re never going to quite shake off the fear of going broke no matter how wealthy you are, since many of you have had your wealth attacked in the past.  In 2018 unique and super smart people enter your life and ignite your imagination, they open up new financial worlds to you and in no time, you can get back your wealth and financial standing.  Talk to others and listen to others and their ideas about money. Partnerships are very lucrative.

Sagittarius : You’ve already had Pluto in your 2nd house of money, wealth and assets now you have Saturn here too, picking up the scraps or pieces that Pluto might have overlooked or forgot about.  That means you’ve already forged your golden way towards the good life and the work ahead financially in 2018 is easier.   But don’t get lazy you have new things to do as the planet Uranus has lots of work for you to do in order to gain even more financially.  Stay organized and avoid fights and conflicts which could be costly.

Capricorn : Starting a new 28-year cycle is great that means as the planet enters or conjoins your Sun he’s bring stuff with him from the past.  You can feel as if you are getting money back or wealth that was taken or lost in the past.  There’s no need to look over your shoulder it’s coming.  With the planet of sudden gain and changes of fortune Uranus in your lucky zone, you are in a good position to forge ahead with confidence take chances, and be a winner.

Aquarius : Finally, you’re in a position to save more money and have pennies from heaven fall into your hands and pockets. Your ruling planet Uranus intends to deliver as he enters your property and family zone.  You gain through land, family and property in 2018.  When you least expect it, you’re going to be very surprised when your financial situation changes for the better.  It’s an answer to prayer because you’re not even expecting what’s coming to you! 

Pisces : You’re another Sun sign who’s going to spend time cleaning up the debts of the past or in the very least you should. The planet Uranus rules that area of your life that rules karma, self-undoing and debt.  The choice is yours.  Numerous opportunities come to clear thinking, positive thinking Pisces who tries something new and wins big.  No more happenstance money flow in 2018.  You gain through contract and your great genius ideas.

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