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Taurus Year Ahead 2017 


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Taurus: (Apr. 20-May 21): 
 A lot has been said about Jupiter in Libra, which because your ruler Taurus is the planet Venus, will affect you a lot this year.  As Jupiter transits all year in Libra, well up until Oct. 10th when the planet Jupiter enters your partnership, marriage and relationship zone, it is stressful in your 6th house of work, daily routine, worry, pets and health.  All these things become issues to deal with.  A grueling routine, can affect your health.  The planet Jupiter brings lucky breaks through, and strangely beneficial conditions to this important area of your life.  Expect things to get hectic and there should be no shortage of employment or work opportunities.  You can expect ample opportunity to get healthy, buy clothes and find yourself in a position of fixing things for your employer thereby making you indispensable to him or her this year.  You benefit by aligning yourself in a quasi-partnership where your employer trust you to make him or her look good.  You’re not going to take any chances by mixing business with pleasure on the job so that won’t be an option.  Love can be found in your neighborhood, at local haunts and maybe at the gym, so definitely walk the dog as much as possible. Sit poolside and go to your local coffee shop or watering hole.  The loose cardinal T-square with the planet Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto on March 30th and August 4th and Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus Sept. 28th, suggests you benefit by research, education, digging through details and making sense of copious amounts of data and information.  Following the rules, laws and regulations of any job or enterprise you’re involved in is also necessary.  Don’t overlook the minor things like traffic tickets or due dates in your own personal life either.  As you can be working so hard this year that you neglect the obvious in your own life.

There’s a unique Uranus- Neptune semi-square on and off all year which I like to think of as a mosquito bite that just keeps itching and won’t go away. For you Taurus it’s a nagging fear that something is going to go wrong, like the rug is going to pulled from out from underneath you at any time.  It can also be some feeling of not fitting in or being lonely.  Friendships take time to develop so involve yourself in group activities and really get to know people before allowing them into your life.  Healing your secret fears and phobias will really help you this year.

As your ruler, Venus, the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty retrogrades in Aries at 13° on March 4th, 2017 until April 15th and then goes direct in Pisces at 26°, a period of isolation, financial difficulties and sadness can overcome you.  So, it’s important this year not to get your hopes too high, nor allow your fears to get out of control.  Stay balanced.  It certainly can be that you are working very hard and your job demands keep you from socializing.  You can experience a break up, a prolonged period of breaking up, getting back together and then breaking up again. This too can be problematic.

The planet Mars transits through to Scorpio covering 8 Suns signs and joins Jupiter in Scorpio your solar 7th house of relationships so we know by the 4th qtr. of this year that serious relationship and the possibility of a marriage is possible if you’re single, or a divorce if you’re not.  Many of you can meet someone or be tempted by someone if you’re married this year.  Hard work will be necessary to keep the home fires burning.

The good news is that on and off all year the planet Saturn trines Uranus making things easier.  Taurus in particular is in a good position for financial windfalls and winnings, bonuses and unforeseen money making opportunities all year long.

While there are 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2017, it is a year to pay attention to when Mercury is retrograde and when direct or you could find yourself going back over those copious amounts of information and data.  Having to fix the same errors again.

The Lunar Nodes change sign on May 10th.  The Lunar Nodes rule destiny and fate.  The Lunar North Node enters 29° Leo and the Lunar South Node enters 29° Aquarius, your 10th house of career, success, fame, fortune, notoriety, and recognition and since Pluto will be here in Aquarius your 10th house of career, success, fame, fortune, notoriety, and recognition, you are being lead into some very important life altering career situations.  A previous past life condition requires a little tweaking before you can gain something extra ordinary.   Pay attention! There can be an impending move or residential change too since the Lunar North Node enters Leo your 4th house of home, family, beginnings and endings.

Eclipses always foretell or forewarn of impending things to come.  The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on Feb. 10th at 22° Leo talks about a residential change, a change in your family, your finances, and happiness.

The Solar New Moon Eclipse Feb. 26th at 8° Pisces ignites profits, hopes, dreams and a surprise change.

The Solar New Moon Eclipse on August 21st, occurs at 28° Leo along with the fixed and royal star Regulus bringer of good fortune, wealth, riches and great success.  This suggests a move a change for the better in your living conditions and family status.  While the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on August 7th occurs at 15° Aquarius affecting your career, and business zone, and could be a bringer of much more success to your life.  All the while the planet Pluto demands you adhere to the rules, regulations and follow the law of the land. If you work hard this year as Jupiter suggests, you can see unforeseen success and your standard of living could increase substantially.  This year hard work makes Taurus a winner. 

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