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2014 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon 

2014 starts out with the planet of love and wealth, the planet Venus retrograde! This can put a damper on any cupids arrow, as partners are more demanding and want everyone to play by “the rules”.  Not only does the planet of love and marriage start off retrograde but her romantic consort, the planet Mars ruler of men in a women’s natal birth chart, will transit in the sign of Libra for well, for a long time.  Mar’s in Libra is both aggressive and passive, fickle in his wants and desires, and superficial in love and marriage.   Love is a battlefield in 2014!

Aries : Male or female you could be too much for a calm, sweet tempered significant other to handle in 2014.  But that could be just what you need.  A warm sweet, kind soul, who feels your pain, tucks you in at night and makes you chicken soup when you’re under the weather.   Finally, someone who wants to take care of you the way you’ve been taking care of others all year long. So why fight it? Take a chance on someone who’s only for you, and stop chasing the naughty boys and girls.

Taurus :  When it comes to love, you’re not just settling just anyone.  Taurus is one serious person about relationships in 2014.  You want a solid partner who’s willing to commit 150%.  For some of you though, love gets very serious, with very serious side bar issues.  Who loves who? Is the big question in 2014 and Taurus has to weather serious relationship storms to make it last. That’s not every Taurus though; most of you make solid commitments in 2014 that are rock solid.

Gemini : The ruler of your 7thhouse of marriage and significant others is in needy Cancer.  While this helps Gemini to be a self-starter and get things done, you could find that you’re carrying most of the responsibilities for the relationship.  Oh well, that’s a small price to pay for the best physical connection you’ve had in a long time.

Cancer : If Cancer can’t have what they want or who they want, they don’t want anyone or anything.  Where did that attitude come from?  There’s nothing light and breezy about your love in 2014.  In fact it’s all or nothing so, when you find yourself thinking in ultimatums and giving ultimatums to someone who won’t commit or make you their one and only, take a deep breath, it’s not the time challenge a lover, your mate or partner.  You get more with patience in 2014.

 Leo : The ruler of your Love sector is Jupiter who’s in your 12th house of karma, so love has a fairytale or fated feel to it.  Somehow, some way Leo gets the love they want and after they do, will they still want it?  It’s all about getting used to different expectations and everything in your life changes in 2014. Commitment could definitely be in Leo’s stars in 2014.

Virgo : Everyone wants a fairytale, which you get.  Every once in while though, you get the soap opera too. Once upon a time you doubted love would ever find you again, but it has, and if it hasn’t yet it surely will.  You could feel a powerful unconditional love for someone in 2014 unlike any love you’ve experienced before.  Don’t confuse “unconditional” for “OCD” and either could happen for Virgo in 2014.

Libra : Some of you could fall in and out of love many times in 2014 as your tastes and more importantly your desires change.  For some of you too many romantic options are at your disposal.  For others being in a sticky situation, cause you to search out “temporary companionship” or “friendship”.  Libra is at a crossroads in love in 2014.  Love is complicated for Libra and sticking it out with your current amour, and day dream about a more fulfilling lover could be in the stars.

Scorpio : Starting over and not making your new love bear the brunt of all your past romances, won’t be easy but necessary in 2014.  It’s hard trusting in love again and opening your heart to another so the universe has a surprise, a big love that’s too hard to resist.  Sweet nothings whispered in your ear by someone who thinks you’re the best thing since strudel, has you intoxicated with dreams about the future.

Sagittarius :  Your passions get ignited with a lover who is everything you’re looking for but can’t commit, or so you say.  Love is very complicated for the archer, who is sending everyone messages that they’re not the marrying type.  Perhaps, you’ve decided who you want, or what you want in a relationship, and you’re not budging.  A past love haunts Sagittarius, still. Will they come back to you is the big question

Capricorn : There’s nothing frivolous or superficial about you in 2014.  You play to win and you want what you want, period.  While you get more than your fair share of attention from lovers, partners, and strangers this year someone holds your heart, your mind, and maybe your soul.  Capricorn brings the sexy to 2014; that’s if you take the time to look up from your desk, or take a night off to go out with your gal or guy pals.  Capricorn’s problem is that you have too many options in love and loving the one you’re with, optional.

Aquarius : A chance meeting or phone call to an ex or from an ex, changes everything in 2014.  Your thoughts about love and a lover change so quickly that you might as well pull out the flower and pull the petals asking “do I love him (her) or do I not?”  You demand such a high level of loyalty that mere mortals can’t give you what you want and need, at least until they get to know you better.  Perhaps it’s time to slow the whole romance process down, a 1st date might work.  Lower your expectations in 2014.

Pisces : The planet Neptune makes you in demand in 2014; so committed Pisces beware.  Nothing spells affairs of the heart and numerous love affairs like a good Neptune transit.  For those of you looking for the white picket fence and the happy ending, it can be yours, but make sure you’ve tested the fence and asked your BFF to check it out too.  Single Pisces longs for a dreamy romance and to fall madly in love and you can this year.  It’s too cold outside for Pisces to be alone.

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