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Libra's Year Ahead 2017 Updating




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Libra: (Sep.23-Oct. 23):
In 2016 Libra has gotten used to the planet Uranus in their relationship, partnership and marriage sector.  Once Uranus has gotten half way through its transit in Aries the newness and excitement wears off.  That’s just what’s going on in 2016.  By now, the electricity that has fueled your passions, relationships and your popularity, for good or bad is exhausting, shocking and sometimes infuriating.  Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in your solar sector of worry, work, and conflicts suggests that you take your time, think and go slowly before confronting those glorious men and women that Uranus has electrified your life with.  After all Uranus was just doing his job or pushing you through your karmic relationships so once and for all in the future, maybe when Jupiter enters your Sun sign in the Fall, you can be ready and accepting of your true love.  Until then you could opt to spend time alone with a bottle of Chardonnay or with your favorite psychic to try to figure it all out.  Mars will finish the work that Saturn started two years ago and you will protect your money and your self-esteem.  While Pluto gives you the strength and will power to say “Adios” when need be. 


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Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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