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Weekly Cancer Horoscope (or Cancer Rising)
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by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of Jan. 16 – Jan. 23, 2017 

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Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Cancer, the giver of life, the Sun is about to change signs and enter the fixed air sign of Aquarius your 8th house of joint finances, overcoming challenges and facing your obsessions, and losses.  It’s where you hate to lose but might especially in love or at the bigger game called life.  The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus who has been guiding your way to the top of your career and profession, bringing you more recognition, and sometimes not so much.  Uranus and the sign of Aquarius rewards through your career and profession.  The Sun is leaving Capricorn your 7th house of relationships, partnerships and marriage and by now someone has shown you their true colors.  It’s time to move on a make a big decision.  Capricorn is the sign of big business, rational thought, impenetrable structures, the old guard, the status quo and entering the sign of Aquarius a more humanitarian sign, but also a sign of radical change, fanaticism, extreme views, and shock value.  This brings some big changes in lieu of the presidential inauguration that occurs this week.  Cancer is ready to take the bull by the horns and move ahead.

The planet of action, Mars in Pisces will aspect Saturn in Sagittarius at 23°, there can be legal disagreements, sometimes, aggression, or someone not playing by the rules, fights and confrontations.  It’s not a good day.   You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 22° -24° to see how this aspect affects you. The planet Mars is in your 9th house and the sign of Sagittarius rules the 9th house of expansion, people at a distance, new experiences, travel and religion.  Someone from out of town could show up unexpectedly or there could just be pressure on you to do more and more at work.  Watch your health and avoid snippy types.  

As the planet Mars in Pisces conjoins Chiron in Pisces be careful for illness, accidents, flooding, bad weather and people who change moods abruptly. This aspect suggests there’s something to recover from.  Chiron is the wounded healer and perhaps someone at a distance needs a soft word or two from you.  Religion, your faith and spirituality gets you through everything.

The 4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio at 0° 02’ your 5th house of love and romance, children and all your creations, suggests it’s time to manage your urge to control or remake anyone you care about.  However, if you’re creative stand back and see if your creations and body of work can stand on its own.  4th Qtr. Moons are always times of observation, waiting and not necessarily action.  The Moon is never well placed in Scorpio, because emotions are hidden.  Here the Moon represents money and a secret agenda.  It means there are things hidden or secretive.  Something is owed and something has to be paid.  It can be scary, as you have to rise to an occasion, you reach an impasse, feel you have to just throw in the towel, or are in need of someone stronger to defend or protect you. In love, it’s just time for you to be observant.

The Presidential Inauguration is on Jan. 20th at 12:00 pm EDT.  It suggests someone stepping in for the First Lady perhaps and lots of last minute changes.  The press will not be a welcome part of this administration, and if banned will not be cooperative to this new president.  There will be lots of P.R. and spinning leaving everyone wondering what to believe and what not to believe.  The Sun is in the 10th house.  A house of supreme success or extreme falls from grace.

The planet of love, money, wealth and marriage, Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, your 7th house of relationships, partnerships and marriage bringing excellent opportunities for relationships, business partnerships, and marriage opportunities.   Opportunities to connect to new love, a love at a distance or to experience a transformational dream come true is possible.  This week is certainly intense given that Mars squares Saturn.    

They Say that Astrologers are born not made; meaning you are born an astrologer through many incarnations or not.  Astrology is not easy; I work hard at it constantly in an effort to translate this universal language into easy to understand terms that everyone can understand.  So remember, when you require more details and effortless timing, only a real astrologer can put it all together for you; I am only a phone consultation or email reading away.  

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