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Weekly Cancer Horoscope (or Cancer Rising)
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by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, 2017

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Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22):  As your astrology horoscope week begins Cancer, the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius your 6th house of hard work, a grueling routine, health, diet, pets and fixing things.  The sign of Sagittarius is the ruler of all things expansive, like travel, going in new directions, education, social media, writing and of course your personal life philosophy.  That means you’ll be trying to find short cuts and new ways to add things to your schedule.  Boredom not an option. 

The 2nd Qtr. Moon in Capricorn at 6°11’, stirs things up in your relationship, marriage and others zone.  The 2nd Qtr. Moon in Capricorn ushers in some very potent aspects this week takes us back to our New Year’s Resolutions, the good things we looked forward to and the things we regretted or had to live with.  It brings more of a sense of urgency to this week’s aspects.  It can spark fear too.  Cancer has to work double hard to get along with others, clients, customers, significant others and well, everyone.  The 2nd Quarter Moon in Capricorn is orderly, business oriented, all about the rules and following them.  The planet Saturn ruler of the 2nd Qtr. Moon also goes right back to January’s position.  As the planet of communications and breaking news, Mercury squares Saturn it takes us right back to March.  Short trips, spiritual retreats, long talks about your views or trying to learn something new has interfered with your work.  Not anymore.  It’s time to stop wasting time.  That 1st quarter of 2017 should bring back some memories and regrets.  No problem, with Mercury, Mars and  Venus in Virgo it might be tough or uncomfortable but you can make changes, adjustments and fix things.  Your mind is working overtime and you are an information junkie.   

This week is all about the cosmic review.  As Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 22° your 6th house of work health, well-being and a hectic routine or boredom.  Your past enthusiasm and judgement is called into question.  This can be a very personal thing or a very public thing.  Mercury in Virgo also rules the internet, procrastination, productivity, information, news, ideas, DIY projects, work, pets, health and your normal routine so it seems this week we might once again be glued to our TVs for one reason or another.  It’s essential that Cancer think for themselves.  

This week the big aspect is Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus RX in Aries your career, profession and public persona.  Something this week can change your life.  You can also be stressed and working hard to meet your expenses.  If you’ve been working hard you can expect a surprise through your career that could change everything.  That makes some of us winners and some of us, not so much as things come to a head.  When the largest planet in our universe, Jupiter in Libra opposes another titan and author of sudden change Uranus RX in Aries and on the same day, change is inevitable.  Uranus RX and Jupiter can bring uncanny good fortune to many, or just feeling of being fortunate.  It’s possible that something could happen with the slightest provocation.  it’s like a bubble bursting or feeling like you’ve won the lottery.  It’s just that potent.  You’ll want to check your free natal birth chart  available on my website for planets, house, cusps, even asteroids at 27°, to see what you’re in line for.  

That aspect can cause airline industry troubles as Jupiter in Libra rules travel by air.  It can also cause electrical problems, and fires because Uranus is in the fire sign of Aries, so mind your computers, don’t play with matches and stay prepared.

Just as the ruler of the underground, the planet Pluto in Capricorn at 16° your relationship and marriage zone resumes direct motion, we prepare to get back to being determined, and tough.  While Pluto is at a standstill, until going direct, the earth can shake since Pluto is associated with earth quakes.   Pluto in Capricorn is all about structures not only in society but physical structures like buildings.  The stage is set this week for the possibility of more catastrophes like earth quakes, volcanos, and wildfires.  Cancer can all of a sudden get lots of attention that’s unexpected.   

The Lunar Nodes and the planet Saturn which rules blockages and structures like buildings are in an aspect with each other through about Friday the 13th October 13th, another indication to be prepared, have a plan and then be ready to clean up, pick up and mend.  This goes right along with Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct. 10th) which is all about rebuilding.  There’s no doubt that this period of time is tense in many ways.  Another reason we shouldn’t push or provoke each other and we should try to get along.  You should definitely check your free natal birth chart  available on my website for planets, house, cusps, even asteroids at 22°-23°, to see if Saturn and the Lunar Nodes influence your life.   This aspect affects your finances and that’s why you have to continue to work so hard.   

Towards the end of the week and throughout the week, things lighten up and all this tenseness in the world can be the fuel for love and romance.  The planet Venus in Virgo makes minor aspects to Uranus RX and Jupiter, and then opposes Neptune RX.  Love is in the air. Your warm voice and nice mannerism smooth things over this week.  You just have a way of saying just the right thing. 

As the planet of communications, ideas, information, and  Mercury enters Libra, you’ll find the desire to flirt and strike up a conversation with others, works to help you find love or enhancing your current relationship.  All in all, not a bad week for romance and a first date. 

The week ends with Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at 16°, where hard work, and know how pay off big financially and for towards your security.  This earthy trine favors finances and good ideas.  You just might be in the right place at the right time. 

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Sept. 25     Mercury in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius at 22°
Sept. 27     2nd Qtr. Moon in Capricorn 6°11’
Sept. 27    
Mercury in Virgo opposite Chiron
Sept. 28    
Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus RX in Aries at 27°
Sept. 28    
Mercury in Virgo inconjunct Uranus RX in Aries at 27°
Sept. 28    
Pluto Direct in Capricorn at 16°
Sept. 29    
Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune RX in Pisces at 12°
Sept. 29    
Mercury enters Libra
Sept. 30     Yom Kippur
Oct. 01      
Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at 16°

Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved

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