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Weekly Aries Horoscope (or Aries Rising)
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017) 


 by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of Aug. 14 – Aug. 21, 2017 

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Aries (Mar 20-April 20):
 As your astrology Horoscope week begins Aries, we are about a week before the Eclipse of the Century which stars a new cycle of love, romance, creativity and good fortune for you.   All Eclipses are in affect well before they occur, and realign us.  This one re-aligns your heart for sure.  You can tap into great creativity, get closer with a love interest, a child or win something if your personal planets agree.  A boost in your self-confidence is always welcome, just don’t take too many chances.  Although the eclipse tells us you will be taking chances.  Keep calm this week through the major re-alignment.  I like to think of Eclipses as wild cards because you never really know what to expect.  It’s best to approach thing gently, to be more grounded and more spiritual. 

As you know Mercury is retrograde in Virgo your 6th house of health, work, well-being and maintenance, a sign it rules during this Eclipse so we’ll see events brought about by this eclipse manifest well into September.  If you haven’t started cleaning, dieting or exercising you still have time.   You’ll also want to avoid misunderstandings that can easily turn larger than life!  You can make Mercury Retrograde work for you and not against you, if you think of it this way, you’re buying time.   Those in the know will avoid the typical errors most often made under Mercury Retrograde.  You won't, if you follow a few simple guidelines and rules that are specific to you!  It all depends on the aspects to your specific planets and natal birth chart

The week begins with a 4th Quarter Moon in Taurus.  During 4th Quarter Moons the Moon grows dimmer.  If you know anything about the sign of Taurus it just likes to be left alone, not pushed.  If you are in sales you may have to go the extra distance to make everything look like it’s your customers idea.  Soft persuasion works with the 4th Quarter Moon in Taurus.  Aries is thinking ahead about money.  Your ability to make money, is changing.  When we think about the Moon in Taurus it’s about earthiness so get grounded and get serious about money, saving and making it that is. 

As your ruler, the planet Mars in Leo inconjuncts Pluto RX in Capricorn at 17°, threats and ultimatums are made.  Avoid getting yourself into a compromising situation with anyone aggressive please.  You can have trouble with authority if you’re young and trouble with your children if you’re older.  Your ability to compete successfully is affected.  There can be trouble with men. 

This week the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty makes Venus in sensitive Cancer makes her rounds to aspecting Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn RX and then after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 28° 53’ on Aug. 21stVenus  will square Uranus RX in Aries at 28°.  This brings out issues about hanging on, neediness, co-dependency, perhaps financial issues, and involves not just your personal relationships but your family too.  Aries there’s a deep neediness or sensitivity that surfaces just like it did when Mars aspected all these outer planets in July.  For some of you it can affect property matters, your ability to be self-sufficient and make ends meet.  It makes an issue resurface about your relationships or finances.  The holes or cracks in your relationships are hard to ignore, again.  With Venus positioned behind Mars it’s women or the female counterpart in a relationship that’s doing the pursuing now.  You might feel stuck this week. 

As the stationary Lunar Nodes aspect retrograde Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 21°, in your 9th house of expansion, new experiences, religion and marketing.  You might consider revisiting a past relationship before moving on completely.  You can be haunted by a dream and have an expectation that something is going to happen.  You can rely too much on the occult; candle magic or more.  You can feel that life is on hold and that too can make you revisit a past relationship.  In astrology, the Lunar South Node in Aquarius brings back something from the past, a past friendship, group activities, community involvement, or ex-love interest.  It rules mentors, spiritual teachers and hopes and fears.  If things ended too abruptly in a relationship you might have to go back and revisit that wound.  It might be worth your while to see if you still share the same outlook or have anything in common with a friend or past love interest during this time.  

The week ends with The Sun in Leo trine Uranus RX in Aries at 28°, your Sun sign for a burst of creativity, love, a big win or excitement from hearing from someone from the past.  It’s a stroke of good fortune and good luck when you feel everything is working out.   

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 28° 53’ dubbed the eclipse of the century, because the last time an eclipse was visible across the United States was in June 1918.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse starts a major new cycle that includes, happiness, creativity, luck and romance for most.  For Aries, this new cycle start with your self-confidence, competitiveness, and your ability to be front and center in the spotlight.  It really depends on your natal birth chart how this New Moon Solar Eclipse will affect you.  You’ll want to check your free natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 28°.  This eclipse can re-align you to your inner purpose in life, your soul, creativity, love life and good fortune.   

Aug. 15    Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto RX in Capricorn at 17°
Aug. 16    
Mars in Leo inconjunct Pluto RX in Capricorn at 17°
Aug. 17    
Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra at 19°
Aug. 18   
Venus in Cancer inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 21°
Aug. 18    Helio
Mercury enters Aquarius
Aug. 20    The Sun in Leo inconjunct Chiron RX in Pisces
Aug. 20   
Mars in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra at 20°
Aug. 20    Helio
Venus enters Gemini
Aug. 21    The Sun in Leo trine
Uranus RX in Aries at 28°
Aug. 21    The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 28° 53’ You’ll want to check your free
natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 28°

Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved

They Say that Astrologers are born not made; meaning you are born an astrologer through many incarnations or not.  Astrology is not easy; I work hard at it constantly in an effort to translate this universal language into easy to understand terms that everyone can understand.  So remember, when you require more details and effortless timing, only a real astrologer can put it all together for you; I am only a phone consultation or email reading away.

 "I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical."    Arthur C. Clarke  

Remember horoscopes can never replace a real consultation with me! The exact degrees and aspects of your Natal Birth Chart which is available here for free, will determine how  you will be affected by the transits! Call Now 954-473-0720 to speak to Terry directly, all consultations are  pre-paid and by appointment!  

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