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Week of Oct. 24 – Oct. 31, 2016

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Aries (Mar 20-April 20):
 As your astrology horoscope week begins Aries, the Moon is waning, that means it’s getting dimmer, winding and down your experiences in love, romance, with your children; it’s a 4th Qtr. Moon a time to observe more and prepare more carefully.  Your work seems to be more obligation than when your heart is into it.  The week begins in the sign of Leo, normally it’s fun loving, children, romance and entertainment oriented.  The Moon in astrology rules the ambience of the day will transit through the signs of Leo, Virgo Libra, until it’s a New Moon on Sunday in the sign of Scorpio.  So the Moon starts this week in a fixed sign and ends in a fixed sign, making this week more intense than last week.  Aries is focused on doing the what’s expected for the kids, at work and working hard to get things going.  What you should be doing is preparing for the New Moon, which adds life to finances and gets you over the hump.  In love, things can get a little boring. Maybe you’ve done your part in helping to launch a partner’s business, get someone back on track or you’ve been focused on your significant other’s life now, bridge that gap and start to focus on yourself.  

The Sun in Scorpio along with the planet of communications Mercury who enters Scorpio your 8th house of on Monday tells us that this week could be intense, dark, as we are more fact driven, research motivated and in love probably more compulsive and obsessive. Can’t get him or her outta your head? Blame the planets. Aries can feel vulnerable, under pressure to complete projects on time.  There can be issues related to death, or the fear of death as in surgery.  There can be grief especially if you’ve suffered a break up. It’s time now to get stronger emotionally and not be so influenced by others. This area of the horoscope also deals with winnings and money.  

Venus the ruler of women, sisters, or the feminine counterpart of any relationship, also the ruler of marriage, the woman, or feminine idea a man or the masculine counterpart of any relationship thinks they want or are looking for.  Juno in the masculine counterpart of any relationship, rules what he needs and the woman or female marries or he gets.  The Sun and Mars and the vortex, describe the husband or male figure in a feminine or female chart.

As  Venus in Sagittarius squares fuzzy Neptune RX in Pisces at 9°, your desire for freedom, adventure and new experiences can clash with your finances.  You might want to just get away from it all.  This aspect can indicate falling in love or losing money.  If you are in school, you will have to find what you love about learning to stay focused.  It’s also that starry eyed feeling of love, that devil may care attitude.  It can also mean that you are so starry eyed that you aren’t seeing the other for his or her true self.  Aries can fall for someone who lives at a distance or who is completely different from him or her.  Then Venus in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter  in Libra at 10°, in your relationships zone and the start of a romantic encounter is underway.  This brings an opportunity for romance, marriage or love, even money.  It favors your mate or partner for success.  You can check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 8° -11° to see if love will find you this week.

On Friday evening though it gets very spooky.  The planet and Aries ruler,  Mars always predicts the week ahead in horoscopes and up until Friday everything is moving along. This week Mars in Capricorn sextiles Chiron RX in Pisces at 21°, (a past wound or hurt) this brings an opportunity to be proactive about a past hurt.  Mars along with Pluto are currently re-writing your career, profession, business and goals and how you feel successful.  The opportunity to heal, or feel recognized.  In the very least to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when you attempt to be cold or mean.  Maybe you’ll catch yourself being business like, when compassion is needed.  But don’t feel too sorry for someone’s tale of romantic woe. This is your time to stand in the spotlight.  You get what you’ve earned and worked hard for now.

While we are without the Moon’s light and emotional interaction is waning, a series of highly seductive, sexy aspects that could put your heart in danger are milling about.  As the planet Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus RX in Aries 21° your Sun sign, a scary, angry, mean, very impulsive, cold, icy, and dismissing energy is upon us, if you don’t give in to what Mars desires.  If you find yourself stressed out, be careful of accidents and moving about too quickly.  In its worst sense this is violence and rape. I wouldn’t be a good astrologer if I candy coated it for you.  It can also mean that many people are will to take risks, even indulge in risky, sexually reckless behavior.  Remember, the planet Mars is out of bounds and doesn’t come back in bounds until Oct. 30.  Men or the masculine side of any equation are not acting “normally”.   They are “out of bounds”.  Since Mars rules your Sun sign Aries, maybe you too are “out of bounds”.  This makes you extremely competitive.  This energy is a do anything, say anything, erratic aspect, it’s fast acting. Accident prone. and before you know it something happens.  So these two aspects suggest you might let your guard down but, then it goes right back up again.  Some of you could be drawn into a relationship or “encounter” when you should be running in the other direction.  Aries really needs to think before he or she acts.

Venus in Sagittarius conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius at 14°, in your adventurous zone, here you want to learn, you can be bored and you need to try new things and go new places.  Part of your life now is acting professional and following the rules.  This aspect can put constraints and restraints on your personal freedom, ladies (or the feminine counterpart of any relationship); but, not on men’s or the masculine in a relationship.  In its worst sense, it brings mean behavior towards females.  Maybe you find yourself with an older woman, and you have something to learn from her.  This puts a damper on romance, love, courtship, dating or the getting to know you part of a relationship.  The Sun in Scorpio wants to seal the deal, it’s selfish, and wants what it wants, when it wants it or walks away.   Should you be more skeptical in love this week? Don’t feel you have to settle for anything.  The Sun in Scorpio makes you intense, easily agitated or fidgety this week so do your best to relax.  This week you are thinking deeply!

The planet of communications, information and thinking  Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune RX in Pisces at 9°, and your intuition could save you.  That little voice inside you is saying something.  Enjoy life, rest and you will see how everything just works out.
The New Moon in Scorpio at 7°44’ starts a new cycle of events and experiences that resurrects something in your life, brings up issues of money, alimony, inheritance, child support, intimacy and you start to be more determined in solving these issues.  It’s time to overcome whatever has been bothering you.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 7° -9°.  The sign of Scorpio rules, money, the revival, reappearance, or renewal, of something or someone in your life.

Happy Halloween, it should be dark and spooky indeed, since the Moon is only showing a sliver of light. Boo!   

Oct.24   Mercury enters Scorpio
Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune RX in Pisces at 9°
Venus in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter  in Libra at 10°
Oct.27   Sun in Scorpio conjunct
Mercury in Scorpio
Mars  in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces at 21°
Mars  in Capricorn square Uranus RX in Aries 21°
Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at 14°
Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune RX in Pisces at 9°
Oct.30   The
New Moon in Scorpio at 7°44’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 7° -9°
Oct.31   Happy Halloween

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