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Weekly Taurus Horoscope (or Taurus Rising)
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017) 


 by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of June. 26 – July. 3, 2017 

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Taurus: (Apr. 20-May 21):
 As your free astrology horoscope week begins Taurus it’s a somewhat challenging week of course.  You could work in spurts and need time off too.  It’s a week when you could be a little lazy, and more on the receiving end until the planetary pressure gets you in moving.  The Moon is growing fuller and your excitement level or level of engagement in the world around you increases as the Moon travels from the sign of Leo through to the sign of Scorpio your relationship zone.  You could get excited about taking time off and doing some fun things with fun people.  Romance is also indicated for Taurus.  Children’s activities give you time to unwind and be frivolous.  With both Mercury and Mars out of bounds, in your communications zone thinking outside the box is the new normal.  Expect people to talk to you who didn’t before.

It’s ok to let your imagination go and get out of your comfort zone or routine and be a little lighthearted when Mars in Cancer trines Neptune RX in Pisces at 14°, but not too much.  Don’t take your career or higher ups for granted at all.  This week you want to be aware of everything or by weeks end you’ll feel used or taken advantage of and disappointed.  It’s possible that you need to enjoy life’s ups and downs more and not take things so seriously.   Happy conversations open you to new friendships and invitations.

As the planet of communications, ideas, thinking and planning  Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra at 13°, hang on to your hat and head.  You could need to revise paperwork and fix anything that goes wrong in the office.  That’s how you make a place for yourself, by being indispensable.  Just when you thought you could take time off you’ll find work or the office needs you.  What you feel clashes with a desire to expand your inner circle of friends, family or relationships.  Not only will you be a little sensitive but you just might react to something you hear or something that is said and then realize you didn’t have all the facts, embarrassing!  Be patient overreacting might not be the right thing to do.

Remember, Jupiter is inconjunct the planet Neptune RX through July 4th -5th.   This influences your job security as the health of the company you work for is in peril.  This can bring the end to unlikely pairings, relationships or secret relationships.  It affects the desire for freedom within relationships or the indecisiveness with in some relationships.  It’s spiritual in nature also.  Strange happenings, occult or 3rd party influences upon relationships come to a head.  Things get messy and scandals are possible.  It also indicates lots about the Travel Ban.

As the planet of communications, ideas, thinking, planning and short trips,  Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune RX in Pisces at 14°, your 11th house of friendships, higher ups, mentors or VIPs, and change is in the air.  Still, it could be a wet week in some areas of the world.  Follow your spiritual inclinations, your compassions, your self-indulgent side, and your intuition.  This suggests that you have to come out of your shell more and join the conversations around you.  Paperwork is also important now.

When both Mercury and Mars conjoin in Cancer your actions and your mind are in sync.  This week you learn not only how to join in on the conversation or brain storming you actually begin to start the conversation.  Take matters into your own hands this week.  You have great ideas so share them.  You’re more reflective, open to impressions, new experiences, people, all things spiritual, poetic and musical, and you want to be involved and engaged in the world around you.  Going to the Mall, shopping, road trips, and public events are appealing now.  However, you can still be very sensitive and everything requires more skill and energy now.  It’s time to be even more tactful, and discreet though.  There will be tendency from time to time to want to throw in the towel and give up, but don’t.  

Your finances, romantic life or your desire for something luxurious hits a wall when Venus in Taurus your Sun sign inconjuncts Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 23°.  Since Saturn is in your 10th house of superiority, success, responsibilities and your ambitions you have to not take yourself so seriously if you’re to succeed in your personal life.  If you’re in a relationship taking too long to decide or your desire for freedom could make you lose a potential love interest.  Taurus is attractive to others but don’t be so picky if you’re single and looking for love.  It’s also about money.  Make sure the price on the item you want, is the price you’d thought it’d be.   Saturn RX was last at 23° Sagittarius at mid-May and Jupiter went retrograde in June at 23° Libra.  So, we know that something significant with relationships is underway especially if you have planets, asteroids and house cusps at 23°.  So, check your natal birth chart.

Avoid arguments, gossip and power struggles as the planet of communications, (that’s texts, emails and phone calls) Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto RX in Capricorn at 18° your 9th house of travel, legalities, honesty, learning and new experiences and then Mercury in Cancer inconjuncts Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 23°.   Through these aspects you are able to apply what you read, research or learn to your career, ambitions and getting ahead.  Something could get lost in translation or taken the wrong way.  Wet weather can certainly keep you from enjoying a road trip or your activities.  In conversations, explain yourself thoroughly as people want to understand you.  You could be privy to a secret too, so don’t tell anyone.

As the planet Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto RX in Capricorn at 18°, in your transportation houses be careful driving or traveling.  If you have valuable knowledge be careful who you reveal it to.  There could be something mysterious you want to understand, or something obstructing your view or way forward.  You could also be very attracted to someone who is taken, engaged or married.  Be patient and move around the obstacle or avoid it.  This week the mood definitely changes and people want to get out more and be more engaged.  This week the planets play on your fears, desire for change, your intuition and your feeling nature.  This week Taurus works hard, earns more but at the expense of their social life.  Find more balance in your life. 

Jun. 26   Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces at 14°
Jun. 27   Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra at 13°
Jun. 27   Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces at 14°
Jun. 28   Mercury in Cancer conjunct Mars in Cancer
Jun. 28   Venus in Taurus inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 23°
Jun. 29   Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto RX in Capricorn at 18°
Jul. 01    Chiron RX Retrograde 28° Pisces
Jul. 02    Mercury in Cancer inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 23°
Jul. 02    Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto RX in Capricorn at 18°
Jul. 03    Venus in Taurus sextile Chiron RX in Pisces 28°

Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved

They Say that Astrologers are born not made; meaning you are born an astrologer through many incarnations or not.  Astrology is not easy; I work hard at it constantly in an effort to translate this universal language into easy to understand terms that everyone can understand.  So remember, when you require more details and effortless timing, only a real astrologer can put it all together for you; I am only a phone consultation or email reading away.  

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