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Year AHead 2017 Forecast

2017 Year A Head

 2017 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer 
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2017 we start the year with a new president in the USA thus making the next years crucial to change and managing the discontent of the planet at large.  Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is always looking for what’s next and never really finishing the task at hand.  While Jupiter the Ruler of the Sign of Sagittarius is in the sign of Libra.  The planets Saturn and Jupiter rule order in different ways both have ideas about how things should be, and want to do things in a big way.  Saturn rules the structures in your life, like government, laws, regulations, learning, being tested and moving on or not.  Jupiter rules all things foreign, travel, learning, laws, and being active in community and governing ourselves.  So, there will still be issues regarding fairness, the legal system, laws, and they won’t always be fair.

By years’ end in fact, on the Winter Solstice of 2017 the planet Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn a rare occurrence, and meet up with the planet Pluto in 2020 for major economic changes throughout the world; something it hasn’t happened since 1982 making 2017 a year of preparation for major changes to come.  Saturn in Sagittarius is in the 12th house of the sign of Capricorn, indicating a cycle of completion.  Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn where significant changes will be occurring laying the foundation for what will take place or the major and significant changes we will see in 2020.   This year it’s all about making a way, undoing the structures that are in place for those significant changes to occur and have a firm foundation.  Government will be run more like a business.

The planet Saturn will align 3 times in 2017 with the galactic center at 27° Sagittarius.  The degree and point where all the information of the universe funnels through, and comes together.  It is the collective or cosmic consciousness where all people come together to raise their voices and to be heard.  This is what will be growing in 2017 as Saturn transits the galactic center. A year of unrest when slowly but surely people of all nations will come together, and raise their voices to be heard, to protest against injustices and unfairness.   

The planet of luck, largesse and all things over the top, Jupiter the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius where Saturn transits this year is in Libra.  Libra is  the sign of marriage, commitments, relationships, diplomacy, and good manners.  It’s about staying in balance, keeping the peace, avoiding ugliness and discord.  The sign of Libra rules karma, and the scales tip to being too strict and unfair, to fair (the middle) to too lenient and lawlessness.  These are the four stages for the Libra scales.  They can be completely still and not moving catatonic and in balance. They can tip to the right or tip to the far left or they can be in motion going from right to lift like a see saw.  This motion relates to what we might see in personal relationships this year as Jupiter will oppose the planet Uranus the planet of extremes and maybe tips too far to the left.  Jupiter will square Pluto in Capricorn during 2017 and get too strict and make lots of rules.  Remember Saturn will conjoin Pluto in 2020 and Jupiter will be in Capricorn too in 2020.  So, we are building change and working towards something in 2017, but were not there yet.  Jupiter in Libra can be frustrating for all relationships not just trying to get bills or legislation passed in Washington or your local government but in your personal life too.  Foreign diplomatic relationships suffer too.  People will continue to feel frustrated.  You might have a personal relationship that takes off one minute and then nothing, ends, then gets fired up again.

The good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries.  This favors innovation, the stock market to rise and new discoveries to be made.  Jupiter and Saturn will sextile each other and these aspects make any negative aspect palatable.  Uranus in Aries is more than just enthusiastic about anything new, it’s rabid.  Be that a new potential technology or a new person who has entered your life.  While Saturn in Sagittarius wants to look ahead but wants to test things out.  This is a fiery aspect that gets everyone fired up, encouraged, it brings uncanny good fortune, lucky breaks and did I say good clean fun.  It can bring many break throughs in education, unearthing the past, technology, and new discoveries.  The challenge in 2017 is to stay focused, dedicated to your goals, loyal, faithful, and devoted to those you are involved with.  In a year of choices this won’t be easy as new friends and possible romantic interests come in and out of your life.

There are 4 Mercury retrograde cycles in 2017 which slow us down and make us re-do things and go back to the drawing board.  The planet Mars will transit from the sign of Aries, dynamic new beginnings through Scorpio where it aligns with the planet Jupiter in December 2017.  By years end we all definitely take stock, make a list and want to know how far we’ve come and what has been accomplished and it better be good.  2017 will be a year of dynamic changes so get involved in it. Don’t sit it out!  

Economics 2017 

The loose cardinal T-square with the planet Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto on March 30th and August 4th and Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus Sept. 28th, is very competitive to say the least.  In 2017 if you’re not jumping right in move aside, because you’re behind.  You’ll need your thick skin too, because this cardinal T-square reminds us all about the Uranus-Pluto squares of the last few years.  There’s tenseness but we can cope.  It puts stress on the housing markets, the banks and interest rates.  

The planets Uranus in Aries - Neptune in Pisces are semi-square on and off all year which may influence technology, diseases, and bugs, yes bugs.  Computer hacking pushes forward more innovations as countries and governments strive to catch up with the hacker’s skills and knowledge. Perhaps new innovations have to be put in place and new computer techniques will be forced upon us.  Maybe Russia has set themselves up as the new global place for technology.  There’s always this strange place where science and new technologies actually have their birth or growth from the “bad” people, mad scientists, or hackers who in their own way let us know where the holes are and what needs to be fixed.  It’s a weird symbiotic relationship that forces growth through coping with a problem.  This semi-square all between Uranus and Pisces just starts to make us feel vaguely uncomfortable like a mosquito bite.  And, like mosquitos, this aspect is also the morphing of cells, infectious diseases, bugs and new levels of resistances.  This aspect also has an influence on the price of oil and emerging technologies like, solar or wind power.   There can be a resistance to these emerging technologies over the next 4 years, if fortunes are being made off of the publics consumption of crude.

There’s always a money crunch when Venus retrogrades as it does in 2017.  From March 4, 2017 until 4/15/2017 Venus retrogrades in Aries at 13° and goes direct in Pisces at 26° where the planet Saturn transits too.  So, we could see dollar values fluctuate.

The good news if you’re looking to invest might be the Stock market and in foreign companies, as the planet Saturn trines the planet Uranus on and off all year.  The Lunar North Node enters 29° Leo ruler of the stock markets, and gold and the Lunar South Node enters 29° Aquarius ruler of sudden big wins.  They say you need a fluctuating market to make money.  Well, in 2017 you got just that!

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