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Year AHead 2015 Forecast

2015 Year A Head

  by Terry Nazon

2015 The year of the Minor Standstill
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2015)

The Lunar Nodal cycle of karmic experiences is an 18 year cycle, called the Major Standstill or in financial Circles a Saros Cycle, a big financial cycle term. It’s not even an astrological term, it has to do with financial cycles.  A time when the Lunar North Node is in the 1st sign of the zodiac, Libra, and the South Node is in the sign of Aries: the ecliptic.   Half way in between this 18 year cycle is the 9 year cycle, called the Minor Standstill.   It has to do with the Moon’s position or declination in the heavens.  It follows exactly the same monthly motion pattern, however, now it only reaches 18° degrees of declination for the time when the Lunar North Nodes reaches 0° degrees Libra. The last minor standstill was in 1997. Since the last Minor Standstill year was in 1997 we should look back and  take a moment to think back where were you what were you doing in 1997. The last Major Lunar standstill Cycle was in 2006-2007, what was going on in your life then?  This is just a small synopisis of 1997 News:

Jan 22 Madeleine Albright becomes the first female U.S. Secretary of State. She has been a close friend of First Lady Hillary Clinton.

August 31, 1997, Princess Diana Died Paris, 1997

The Simpsons, a ribald cartoon about a family of misfits, becomes the longest running prime-time cartoon television series in history, surpassing the Flintstones.

March 4, 1997 - Federal funding for any research into human cloning is barred by President Bill Clinton.
May 25, 1997 - Strom Thurmond becomes the longest serving member of the United States Senate at forty-one years and ten months.
July 8, 1997 - The NATO alliance expands into Eastern Europe when it extends an invitation to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland to join the alliance in 1999.
October 29, 1997 - Iraq states that it will begin to shoot down U-2 surveillance planes used by United Nations UNSCOM inspectors attempting to mandate Saddam Hussein meet the provisions of surrender in the 1991 Gulf War.

It doesn’t look that different form 2014 does does it?  The Lunar Nodes when aspected produce a temporary moment when we feel everything is “on hold”.  For instance holidays or those “Breaking News” moments, when we are all waiting for the next break through.  Cycles repeat themselves.  Just a minor look at 1997 and you will see that history repeats itself.  The Minor Lunar Standstill hesitates and brings in new circumstances and people into your life. The very definition of a transit of the Lunar Nodes is a temporarily binding period followed by a period of expansion. So there’s a hesitation, a delay if you will of this years Lunar Cycles.

Through March 2015 things continue on the global front to be tumultuous and dangerous.   Then Jupiter ruler of all things global and international resumes direct motion. In the dominant, and passionate sign of Leo. Who is King?  Is it Obama, is it Vladimir Putin, is it none ot the above?  As Jupiter resumes direct motion in April in Leo the sign of Kings, and foreign relations,  we begin to see a coming together, perhaps negotiations and treaties, May through September 2015. Then Jupiter enters Virgo and the devil is in the details we realize how much of a global economy we are, when health issues from one country to another arise again, just like they did with Ebola. 

In 2015, the gift is the end to the erratic and revolutionary Uranus-Pluto squares that dominated the 60’s and our recent years.   We might not be sure who won the revolution for some time to come, but the revolution ends with the last Uranus-Pluto square on March 17th, 2015.  Is it so shocking that it makes us all stand and wonder who we are or what we are; or is it just a winding down of a tumultuous period in time?  Perhaps, it’s a little of both.

After March 17th 2015, the last Uranus-Pluto square, or the 7th and last Uranus-Pluto square we enter a period of reorganization.  We are at the point where the Lunar North Node and the Lunar South Node are in the 1st and 7th Sun Signs; a turnaround point.  We can see both sides clearly.  Where we need revolutionary change in our personal lives, and where we need or have acquired great strength. We are tired, broken, but still standing in 2015.

World economies continue a time of uncertainty as Jupiter continues to cause market fluctuations, and political unrest, rioting and public unrest continue right through March 2017 and that last Uranus-Pluto square.  As Jupiter resumes direct motion, though well see more diplomatic measures, more changes n the laws that protect us all.  Saturn in Sagittarius will take on the long and hard arduous process of ensuring that personal freedoms remain protected.

The year 2015 promises to be a more peaceful place after March 2015 as we conclude a cycle that really began in 2007.  


2015 Year AHead
(A Lunar Minor Standstill Year)
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2015)

Jan. 4th 2015 Minor Lunar standstill the Full Moon in Cancer 14°31’

March 13th, 2015 Friday the 13th Minor Lunar standstill 4th Qtr. Moon

March 17th, 2015 Last Uranus-Pluto square 14°

March 20th 2015 Total Solar Eclipse at 29°29’ Pisces. A Supermoon, Suns enters Aries, Spring Equinox

March 27th 2015 Minor Lunar standstill 1st Qtr. Moon in Cancer

April 4th 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse at 14°21’ Libra the shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century

July 1st 2015 Minor Lunar standstill, the Full Moon 9°55 Capricorn

August 11th 2015 Jupiter enters Virgo.

September 5th 2015 Minor Lunar standstill 4th Qtr. Moon in Gemini 12°

September 5th 2015 Lunar occultation of Aldebaran

September 13th 2015 New Moon Eclipse Partial Solar Eclipse at 20° 12’ Virgo.

September 21st 2015 Minor lunar standstill first quarter Moon 28° Sagittarius

September 27th 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse at 4° 37’ Aries

October 29th 2015 Lunar occultation of Aldebaran 

December 22nd 2015 Saturn conjunct the fixed star Antares

December 23rd 2015 Lunar occultation of Aldebaran

December 25th 2015 Minor Lunar standstill Full Moon on Christmas Day 3° 20’ Cancer a Supermoon

December 25th 2015 Uranus Direct 


March 20, 2015 New Moon Lunar, Eclipse 6°19’ Cancer

April 4 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 14°24’ Libra 

September 13, 2015 New Moon Lunar Eclipse 20° 10’ Virgo

September 20, 2015 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4°40’ Aries 

Planetary Movements 


The Retrogrades cycles

Mercury retrogrades in 2015 in the air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Air signs rule ideas, the thought process and thinking.  Each time mercury retrogrades it goes right back to the beginning and starting over.  This suggests that some ideas which may be great or brilliant have to go back to the drawing board to be fine-tuned a little.  Two times the Sun is in an Earth sign indicating times when we have usurped or assumed ourselves to be right and put an idea into and then have to go back and fine tune it more.  May-October, 2015.  

Mercury Retrograde

Jan. 21, 2015-Feb. 11/2015 at 17° Aquarius (air) Sun is in Aquarius (air) Direct at 1° Aquarius (air) Sun is in Aquarius (air)

May 18, 2015-June 11, 2015 13° Gemini (air) Sun is in Taurus (Earth), Direct at 4° Gemini (air) Gemini Sun is in Gemini (air)

Sept. 17, 2015-Oct. 9, 2015 15° Libra (air) Sun is in Virgo (Earth) Direct 0° Libra (air) Sun is in Libra (air) 

Mercury Out of Bounds Unique or genius thinking

May 3rd, 2015 - May 19th, 2015   

Nov. 27th-Dec. 24th 2015



July 25, 2015-Sept. 9, 2015 0° Virgo Direct on Sept. 9, 2015 14° Leo inauspicious for marriages

April 18th-June 1st, 2015 Venus out of Bounds: Odd or unique love or money making circumstances

Aug. 6th-Dec.31st 2015 Venus will be a Morning Star

Jan. 1st-Aug. 11th Venus will be an Evening Star

Aug. 11-20, 2015 Venus is not visible these days in ancient times considered bad days.  


transits Aquarius- Libra (air signs)

Mars out of Bounds: Unique or wild actions

 June 6th- July 16th, 2015

Jupiter in Leo

Retrograde Dec. 8th, 2015-April 8th, 2015 in Leo

Jupiter enters Virgo August 11th, 2015  

Saturn in Sagittarius

Retrograde March 14th, 2015, re-enters the sign of Scorpio 29°-28° on June 18th, 2015, direct Aug. 1st, 2015 at 28° Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius Sept. 18th, 2015

Uranus in Aries

Retrograde July 26, 2015-Dec. 25th, 2015 

Neptune in Pisces

Retrograde June 12th, 2015-Nov. 18th, 2015 

Pluto in Capricorn

Retrograde April 16th, 2015-Sept. 24th, 2015 

Major aspects in 2015 

March 17th, 2015 the 7th and the last Uranus-Pluto square 14°

March 20th 2015 Total Solar Eclipse at 29°29’ Pisces. A Supermoon, Suns enters Aries, Spring Equinox

June 22nd, 2015 Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries 20°

August 3rd, 2015 Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio 28° the day after Saturn goes direct

August 11th, 2015 Jupiter enters Virgo

August 26th, 2015 Sun conjunct Jupiter this happens once a year

September 6th, 2015 Venus 14° Leo

September 17th, 2015 Jupiter in Virgo 7° opposite Neptune RX in Pisces 7°

October 11th 2015 Jupiter in Virgo 12° trine Pluto in Capricorn 12°

November 26th, 2015 Thanksgiving Day Saturn in Sagittarius 7° square Neptune in Pisces 7°

December 6th, 2015 Mars in Libra 14° square Pluto in Capricorn 14°

December 25th 2015 Minor Lunar standstill Full Moon a Supermoon on Christmas Day 3° 20’ Cancer

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