2008 Economic Outlook This is Not Grandma's Depression

While there seems to be allot of chaos in the financial markets and the global economy...chaos is needed for large scale change. In the natural flow of events, there are rises and falls. This is the characteristic of the Saturn-Uranus opposition we are about to experience. If you are resistant to change, it will seem difficult. However, if you are submissive to the change and don't seize up, you will come up with new ideas, on how to do things, new jobs, and the creative force will drive you forward.
Another Great Depression? Things have to happen on an even larger scale than in the past because we are smarter, have more technology at our fingertips and we are global. We are not however, our grandmothers, grandfathers or even our mothers and fathers! We have had more at our disposal in the way of money, opportunities, education, technology and socialization. We have fewer barriers than past generations. We are less bound by class, religion and socio economic boundaries than past generations.
These socio economic boundaries get torn down and annihilated by economic crisis because we have to work together and help each other. The next barrier to our future growth to be changed will be religion. Saturn in Virgo, is analytic and factual, Uranus in Pisces is spiritual and going in two different directions. It will be a time where religion and religious interests are further separated from business, politics, government and economics.


Update: Now that The Bail Out Bill has been passed...What Now?  With Mercury Retrograde, and Mars in secretive Scorpio, it's likely that when Mercury goes direct, more reform, and more money will have to be spent. 
When Mars moves into Sagittarius, and around mid December (Dec. 15th) we will be in the Saturn -Uranus opposition, will things be better? And what if they are not?
Sometimes there's even more issues that arise when we get into the next Mercury retrograde cycle which will be in  January 2009.

10/02/08-I know with the current debate in Washington, DC over this 700 billion dollar bailout you are probably wondering what's going on. Is the economy really in dire straights? Yes it is.
Given the fact that Jupiter in Capricorn is trining Saturn in Virgo there's allot of effort being given to holding on to the status quo. The very nature of Jupiter is expansive, over the top, and does things in big way. The very nature of Saturn is to hang onto the status quo. Saturn in Virgo is touchy, picks things apart and is way too over analytical. This results in allot of talking and debating but little action. It's procrastination. being afraid to make a decision because it might be the wrong decision.
With Mercury retrograde in indecisive Libra through October 15Th, I think it's unlikely that agreement is going to be reached or be able to be implemented before then. What happens if it does go into effect during Mercury retrograde. It means we are likely to revisit the issues again, more money! What I think is happening is that there are Wall Street firms and Banks that are either just trying to hold on, in lieu of this bailout package, and they might be getting impatient with the process and the procrastination of the government. With Saturn and the South Node coming closely together we are likely to see another crisis, another huge failure of a Wall Street Firm or with another bank. Now it's unclear as to if this will be a ruthless attempt to strong arm the federal Government into agreeing to give the money, or trying to squeeze more from them. Is this government interfering once again in the natural process of elimination? Or as part of our evolution are we getting closer to government changing than we realize? All these questions will come up again in August 2009 when Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces once more. By then Jupiter will have moved into the sign of Aquarius with Neptune. The feeling then may be different and we just might say to Hell with you old time Wall street firms and Banks!

Update: Months ago I said there was a very protective aspect in the skies, as Jupiter would be trining Saturn for this entire quarter, of 2008.  I didn't think I was a cynical person but, I guess I am!  Government? Helping out? Naw. Never!
Jupiter in Capricorn rules government and Saturn in Virgo is dealing with crisis situations, Pluto in the last degrees of Sagittarius again, brings things to a head.  The sign of Sagittarius is law and law makers.  Yet, even though the aspects were right there,  no one thought, the government would come up with the money to bail, homeowners, or our economy out.  So many times in the past they haven't.
That trine is a very protective trine.  Since a large number of people who are born in the 60's have both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, they receive the influence of this beautifully protective influence. You guys must be very special!

2008 promises to be a year of great change for all of us. With Jupiter transiting the industrious sign of Capricorn and the planet Pluto joining Jupiter in late January we are going to see major transforming changes in big business, government, with authority and rulers and what we view as status symbols. Old may become the new vogue. We'll give special status to our history and those around us who have wisdom. We'll listen, and perhaps be less rebellious. The traits of Capricorn are what we will all esteem to.
June 14-15, 2008 Mars in Leo will conjoin the South Node in Leo at 20* (additionally it will oppose the North Node in Aquarius) The South Node rules past life karma, and can at times be pretty bad...if you have ever experienced a South Node transit you know what I am talking about!
To get an a better idea of the transit we look back and see what's been going on in Leo for the past few years.
The last Mars transit was about 2 years ago in June 2006-July 2006. Mars has about a 2-2 1/2 year transit around the entire zodiac. Saturn was the last big transit through the sign of Leo. It was at 20* degrees Leo in September 2006, February 2007, and June 2007. So your see that the 20* degree point is very important to us or why would Saturn have repeated through those degrees 3 times! Direct, retrograde and direct again!

This suggests that there is something going on in each of our lives that is unresolved and quickly needs to get resolved. Be aware that it can explosively get resolved too!

The South Node can produce a mighty and forceful energy and certainly will pack a wallop in most of our lives!
On June 9Th there is a Superior conjunction of the planet Venus to the Sun at 19* Gemini.
The Transit of Venus and it's rare conjunctions of the Sun have been for a long time harbingers of many unusual cycles. Venus is in a superior conjunction to the Sun on June 9Th. What inevitability's will this bring? Although we like to think of Venus as the planet of love, marriage and harmony, unfortunately her transits and rare conjunctions to the Sun have predicted many significant events. Not all happy ones.

The Jupiter/Saturn cycle and the US Presidency

The Jupiter/Saturn cycle and the US Presidency. Approximately every 20 years the planets Jupiter and Saturn conjoin. Every President who has held office during this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction has died in office, with two exceptions, Ronald Regan was one of the exceptions. The last Jupiter and Saturn conjunction was in the year 2000 when George W Bush took office.
This cycle has also long been known by Astrologers as the 'Presidential Death Cycle', since 1840, every U.S. President, except two, who has come to power in the year of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has died in office Presidential Death Cycle. 
President Year Elected Manner of Death
William Harrison 1840 pneumonia Abraham Lincoln 1860 assassination James Garfield 1880 assassination
William McKinley 1900 assassination
Warren Harding 1920 heart attack
Franklin Roosevelt 1940 brain hemorrhage
John Kennedy 1960 assassination
Ronald Reagan 1980 assassination attempt Alzheimer's
George W. Bush 2000 ?

When predicting the terms of presidents it is widely known that the use of the inauguration date is acceptable practice to predict the presidents reign.
Abraham Lincoln November 22, 1865
James Garfield July 2 1881
William McKinley 9 6, 1901
John f Kennedy November 22, 1963
Now too we will be under the influence of a much more dangerous aspect Saturn opposing Uranus throughout the end of 2008-2009. Then Saturn opposing Pluto. The 1st or 5 oppositions occurs on November 4, 2008, election Day in the United Sates.
However difficult it s to look at these things we must.

The Mayan Prediction of 2012

The Mayans predicted the end to civilization as we know it in 2012. They also predicted the ending of their own civilization. It ended when the Spanish invaded South America, and killed or enslaved all the indigenous people. Looking at the planets in 2012 there’s a special alignment of the outer planets.

Uranus will enter Aries in 2012. The last time Uranus transited Aries was in 1927-1935 which we all know as the great depression.
Neptune will enter Pisces its own sign. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1847-1862 the time of the French Revolution
Pluto in Capricorn, well, the last time Pluto entered Capricorn was the Colonial Revolution.

It's no secret...We are now entering a time when we have to watch the transit of the planet Mars very carefully. As the planet Mars makes aspects to the outer planets. Mars in Cancer (it's fall) opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. Mars in it's fall means that Mars is weak in the sign of Cancer and needs more experience, learning, or requires some action to be taken. Interesting to note that Venus is in Aries it's detriment, this means Venus is learning and is working out mistakes. When Mars enters Leo it will oppose Neptune. Later Mars In Virgo will conjoin Saturn, then Mars in Virgo will oppose Uranus at the point of the fixed star Markab, quincunx Neptune and then square Pluto, August is the time of the Eclipse, the situation on planet Earth becomes prone to insidious violence, upsets, explosions and world market upsets. All this during the Democratic National Convention, the ultimate showdown between the Candidates Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton. How will this affect you? Your business? Your job? Your Future?

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