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Terry Nazon

 The Mysteries of Astrology and the Tarot

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A very famous astrologer once said that "a good astrologer will also be a good psychic and know how to read the tarot".  All of the cards in a tarot deck have their symbolic counterpart in astrology. It is said that everything on Earth has star ruling it.  Astrology covers everything!  In my readings I am getting messages from looking at a person's chart, which is psychic and intuitive but, also through the tarot cards. The astrology chart with all it's nuances is invaluable to understand the individuals personality, characteristics, and the timing of what's ahead for them. In my readings, my favorite deck to use is the Waite Rider deck. The one I use and have always used is the Waite Rider Tarot deck. It's easy to read, and easier to make that psychic bridge between the client, myself and spirit world. I find the messages are clear and concise and they never let me down. I usually keep about 5 tarot decks around my office, that are in constant use. Follow along with me as we endeavor to make reading the tarot easy and assesible to everyone.

Not all the Tarot Card Decks are alike, and each tarot deck uses different symbols to unlock your intuition. That's not to say I don't collect beautiful Tarot decks. During my career I have collected lovely decks, In my opinion the Salvador Dali Deck is the most gorgeous, and one of my favorites. I also love very old decks. There's always the question about how to dispose of old decks and many times people think they are collecting psychic energy and bringing bad vibes. I don't think that's true but, if someone has a concern I've included here what to do with your unwanted decks. Tarot Reading is something that requires years of training and study. Years ago I was taught the tarot by a famous psychic who read the Tarot Cards for patrons of the Russian Tea Room in New York City. I am now going to pass on my knowledge to you in the same way I was taught, continuing the tradition that you learn from someone who possess the knowledge.

How to begin a Tarot Card Reading:

I like the Waite Rider not matter what level of expertise you are at, it's quick to connect with intuitively. It's the deck I always work with, and it's available at my online shop. When I begin a reading for a client I always tap the deck on the table. About 3 times. It's instinctive and until someone brought it to my attention I wasn't even aware that I did it. Tapping on the table however, is a traditional call to spirit world. I tap the cards and I am in a sense calling to my spirit guides to come and begin to speak to me through the cards.

As I am speaking to a client I will open the deck in the middle, like cutting the deck in half and those two cards are usually very insightful to the reading. I shuffle the cards until it feels right. Then I will always look at the bottom 3 cards, they again are very insightful cards. It's only now that I am ready to lay the cards out in my favorite spread, the Celtic Cross.

How to Care for Tarot Cards: It's important to respect your cards.  Keep them away from other people and don't let others play with them.
Cleansing Tarot Card Decks: Occaisonally reorder them.  Put them back into numerical order and according to thier suits.

Resting the Deck: Never ask the cards a question more than 3 times.  They start gettin jumbled.  If the answer isn't there, then you are asking the wrong question.

How to dispose of Old Tarot Decks: Tarot Decks are made of paper and they don't last forever.  Wrap them up tightly and just dispose of them. 


Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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