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Terry Nazon, a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the Stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients for well over 16 years, since 1990. Voted one of the top 10 astrologer, and psychics in the USA. She has published Vision Quest a printed astrological newsletter,and online horoscope column since 1997. Join the many celebrities and hollywood stars who have used her services to gain a better understanding of their lives, the direction their lives are taking and where they are going. Terry has an accuracy rate of 99% and a repeat clientele of 100%. Over the years she has read hundreds of thousands of people who feel uplifted, satisfied, and confident because of her insight. Like so many of her clients you too can walk hand in hand with Terry during your life's journey and never feel alone again, or be misguided again! Many of Terry's articles, Horoscope Columns, and Predictions have been published in the following National and International Magazines.Tery's trademarked logo has become so popular that other's commonly use it. "Get Names, Dates, Times, & Places!" (TM) "She is the standard today that everyone wishes to copy ". say Tom Bushnell, Editor. Her Horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines throughout the USA and the World. She can be reached at

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"No man from outside can make you free... No one holds the Key to the Kingdom of Happiness . No one has the authority to hold that key. That key is your own self, and in the development and the purification and in the incorruptibility of that self alone is the Kingdom of Eternity ..."

J. Krishnamurti

Each and every day a new energy is available to us, to energize our soul, each and every day we have the potential to change our lives ! To find out how the daily planets affect you personally, to check your Natal Chart and find the answers you need to live life to your maximum potential call Terry at 954-473-0720 for your own personal psychic astrological reading and explanation by Terry.

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