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These are books that I suggest you read to cultivate your knowledge, to entertain you and to you encouragement!

Some books listed here are from my personal library and you have a unique opportunity to acquire them!


BOOK LIST and Must Have Collectibles from Terry's Library!


Your Guardian Angels: Use the Power of Angelic Messengers to Enrich and Empower Your Life by Georgian, Linda Collectible, signed and inscribed to terry from her friend Linda Georgian $50.00

ISBN: 0671881264

Communicating with the Dead: Reaching Friends and Loved Ones Who Have Passed on to Another Dimension of Life by Linda Georgian     ISBN: 0684810883

If You Really Want to Do It Right: Try It the Wholistic Way!
by Carrow, Donald J. (Designer), and by Linda Georgian      ISBN: 0961139250

Create Your Own Future: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Psychic and Spiritual Powers
by Linda Georgian   , and McCallum, Taffy Gould

Zen Judaism: Teaching Tales by Kabbalistic Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, terry's long time freind, mentor and Rabbi, collectible signed and inscribed by the author to Terry! $50.00

The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900-2000 at Noon $35.00

this is the Ephemeris that Terry uses!

The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000-2050 at Noon $25.00

this is the Ephemeris that Terry uses!

The Book "Heaven's Register" from www.heavensregister.com (collectibel signed)

The 1st edition of Heaven's Register , ISBN 0-9552969-0-0 , ISBN 978-0-9552969-0-1, is now now available, in the USA $15.00, 173 pages, paperback size 6" x 9" (15cm x 22cm) with glossy blue cover, written in English with some hebrew. Use the link below to purchase online for just $12.99 including postage&packing for USA purchase only.

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Terry Nazon, AFA, AAN, a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients for well over 16 years, since 1990. Voted one of the top 10 astrologer, and psychics in the USA. She has published Vision Quest a printed astrological newsletter,and online horoscope column since 1997.

Join the many celebrities and hollywood stars who have used her services to gain a better understanding of their lives, the direction their lives are taking and where they are going. Terry has an accuracy rate of 99% and a repeat clientele of 100%. Over the years she has read hundreds of thousands of people who feel uplifted, satisfied, and confident because of her insight. Like so many of her clients you too can walk hand in hand with Terry during your life's journey and never feel alone again, or be misguided again!

Many of Terry's articles, Horoscope Columns, and Predictions have been published in the following National and International Magazines .Terry's trademarked logo has become so popular that other's commonly use it. "Get Names, Dates, Times, & Places!" (TM) "She is the standard today that everyone wishes to copy ". say Tom Bushnell, Editor. Her Horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines throughout the USA and the World. She can contacted using the "Contact Terry" Form .Or by visiting www.terrynazon.com

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