Sun Sign Gift Ideas

Sun Sign Gift Ideas!

 It’s getting closer to Christmas and Hanukah and if you still haven’t found the perfect gifts for the special people in your life here’s a little suggestion, why not buy a gift according to their zodiac sign ? Each zodiac sign has particular interests and inclinations that just might make your gift giving decisions a little easier this holiday season!

 Aries: The favorite color of the Ram is red! Clothing in red or with red details should be simple and quick and easy to put on and take off, no fancy strings and buttons needed here! Originally Aries were the warriors of the zodiac and many of them still have a penchant for sharp sword like objects. For the Aries cook I recommend a set of stainless steel knives. For the Aries collector, a collectible sword might be cherished for years to come. Not only do Aries adore sharp objects they like shiny metallic objects. Gifts with mirror décor, or shiny finishes will suit your Aries just fine!


Sun Sign Gift Ideas!

Taurus: This is the sensual sign of the zodiac. Everything with your Taurus in mind should have a fine feel to it. Taurus likes to feel objects with their hands. So clothing that is soft and sumptuous like fleece blankets that are cozy and comfortable. Expensive clothing made of fine silk, or soft and luxurious fabrics will please a Taurus every time. Can’t afford silk? That’s ok, Taurus also likes worn out and soft finery. Scarves and shirts made of fleece, or flannel will be just as pleasing.

Gemini: Anything that keeps Gemini on the cutting edge of communication will be the perfect gift. Gemini loves not just to learn and know things, Gemini wants to know things first. Having information available and at a Gemini’s fingertips will make this sun sign feel more in control. A PDA to store all their important contacts and information will be a great boon for this sign. A subscription to a magazine, newspaper, satellite news station, even satellite radio, w\just anything that gets information to your Gemini first will be coveted forever!

 Cancer: Those born under the sign of the crab are not only shy and retiring, they’re off the Richter with sentimentality! Home holds a special place in their heart. Mom, babies, and family are imprinted on the hearts and souls of all Cancers. A family photo, even a pet photo, as any Cancer will think of their pet as their child. A frame for their photo collection of photos would be appreciated and used! Anything that makes their house a home would be a treasured gift. Cancers have a reputation for not letting go of things. Pac rat’s yes, but they prefer to think of themselves as collectors. Find out what your Cancer collects and add to it. They all have collections!

Leo: Leo is the flamboyant sign of the zodiac. It’s got to be flashy, Like Boas, or gold metallic shirts and clothing. This sign probably likes to play dress up and are usually over dressed for any occasion. Even at home you might find your Leo all decked out! Lingerie will make their bedtime wear as fancy as their daytime time wear. Leo’s love fancy hats, hair pieces, hair ornaments. Such as head bands, and barrettes with lots of sequin like jewels. Any headwear reminds them of their prior lifetimes in the royal courts!

 Virgo: Many of you already know Virgo’s that take to housework like ducks to water. No other sign in the zodiac has the potential for a cleaner house than Virgo! Anything that makes their house working and cleaning go a little smoother or does the cleaning job a little better, they will love. Like a robotic vacuum cleaner. Fancy brooms, and antimicrobial sponges, even fancy kitchen towels. Virgo’s are also very hip to personal cleanliness. However, organics is the key word they love, so anything pure and organic will peak their interest. Each and every Virgo is addicted to reading. A book is always a welcome gift item here!

 Libra: Libra is actually a military sign not like Aries which is the warrior sign but, the higher echelon of generals and officers. Any type of clothing that looks like a military uniform with crests and badges or pins will certainly please this sign. Can’t find military looking clothing? Then, choose something in the color palette of royal to navy blue. The regal allure of those colors please the sensibilities of each Libran. Most individuals born under the sign of Libra have difficult times making decisions, any gadget that they can spin, or turn on and that gives a yes or no answer will be highly treasured, like a lucky 8 ball!

  Scorpio: because Scorpio is such a hidden sign, the color most appropriate for them is really black. Simple black shirts that have become very vogue are well suited for this sun sign. Like their opposing sign Taurus they too enjoy soft textured clothing items, well worn out and supple. Complex directions don’t phase this sign and they are well suited to gifts that need assembly, or are difficult to operate. Because Scorpio rules the 8 th house some born under this sign would appreciate magic kits, science kits and even card tricks that require slights of hand. Anything that is too complex for the rest of us Scorpio will love!

 Sagittarius: if price is no object then take your Sagittarius on a trip. Or chip in with others and send them on a trip to a far off place! Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer and being pinned to one place is real torture. Travel books, and DVD’s that tour the world are also good replacements for the real thing. Because their ruling planet is Jupiter they are generous and also appreciate generosity in others. A donation to a University or religious institution in their name would be welcome too. Big boxes will pique the interest of this sign so whatever you get them put it in a huge box.

 Capricorn: This is the elegant sign of the zodiac understated and modest they are probably prone to liking the color gray in their clothing and outer wear. Because the sign rules the winter months outer wear is very appreciated, scarves, hats and gloves coats, mittens, and booties! Capricorn is the sea goat ever climbing higher, that makes it another sign that likes to get the edge over the competition. A printer or item for their business or gift certificate to an office store would be appreciated here!

 Aquarius: This sun sign gravitates to the color electric blue! Now that they are making everything in colors, make sure that whatever you chose it’s in a color, preferably electric blue! If you are thinking about shirts, make them long sleeve shirts for Aquarius, and still on the conservative side. Many born under this sign are still conservative dressers, a fall back from when the sign was ruled by Saturn. More than any other sign this sun sign is not selfish gifts that they can share or do with their friends will go over big! Games, Video games with more than 2 handsets, restaurant gift certificates for at least 4 people as they don’t like to do anything by themselves!

 Pisces: This sun sign has a penchant for the color purple. Not a loud purple, just the color of Amethyst which is their favorite stone and because it is so available might make a nice gift for them. This is a dreamy sign that loves fantasy. A fancy get away to a spa, a pampering message to salon or resort will be a thrilling gift for this sign. This sun sign sometimes feels victimized by life. Encouraging posters, Motivational tapes, books, sayings, pictures, and cards always deeply touches and helps them.

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