1. Registration Number: TX-6-083-389
Title: Sexstrology.
Description: 1 v.
Claimant: acTerry Nazon
Created: 2004
Published: 1Feb04
Registered: 26Jan04
Miscellaneous: Rights & permissions info. on original appl. in C.O.
Special Codes: 1/B
2. Registration Number: TXu-973-632
Title: Soulmates.
Description: 10 p.
Note: Manuscript.
Claimant: acTerry Nazon
Created: 2000
Registered: 10Oct00
Special Codes: 1/B
3. Registration Number: VA-981-574
Title: Get Names, Dates, Times and Places]
Description: Commercial print.
Note: Advertisement.
Claimant: acTerry Nazon
Created: 1999
Published: 18Oct99
Registered: 8Nov99
Special Codes: 5/S


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